Friday, July 12, 2013

The Conjuring screen-used props on display...

I love spying new movie exhibits when I visit my favourite ArcLight cinemas here in L.A., but you can always tell it's a horror film when there are some creepy toys or a scary doll on display, I mean who in their right mind would let their kids play with these in the first place anyway, you're just asking for trouble.

Original props featured in The Conjuring on display
The Conjuring movie prop exhibit
The Conjuring movie props
Conjuring film prop exhibit
Screen-used The Conjuring film props
Conjuring film prop display
This fantastic collection of screen-used props are from the new supernatural horror The Conjuring, and were photographed on display upstairs at ArcLight Hollywood on July 12, 2013, a week before the movie is released in the U.S.

The Conjuring movie poster
Conjuring movie poster
This new 70's set horror-thriller from Saw and Insidious director James Wan, stars past Insidious collaborator Patrick Wilson and Bates Motel's psycho mother, Verga Farmiga. The duo play real-life paranormal investigators, 'The Warrens', who become involved in their most terrifying case when they help the 'Perron' family with a disturbing dark presence which is terrorizing their Rhode Island farmhouse.

Possessed Annabelle doll prop from The Conjuring
The Conjuring possessed doll movie prop
Conjuring possessed Annabelle doll prop
The Conjuring Miss me note prop
Possessed doll film prop The Conjuring
Creepy Annabelle doll prop The Conjuring
Probably the highlight of this exhibit was the rather creepy possessed doll prop, which just looks evil. It's not helped by the crayon and hand-scrawled 'miss me?' note that accompanies it either.

If it's scary dolls you like, be sure to also check out these Chucky and Tiffany dolls from Child's Play on display at Universal Studios in Hollywood and Orlando.

Screen-used film props from The Conjuring
The Conjuring screen-used movie props
Harrisville Rhode Island map prop The Conjuring
Hangman's rope prop The Conjuring
Conjuring movie props
If the vintage-looking doll doesn't give you the shivers, maybe a hangman's noose, which can be seen in one of the movie's promotional posters will send a chill down you spine. Also included in this display is a map of Harrisville, Rhode Island where the film is set.

The Conjuring movie props
The Conjuring movie prop exhibit
Conjuring camera stuffed bird movie props
The Conjuring film props
Vintage toy props The Conjuring
Vintage toy props The Conjuring
Antique monkey toy prop Conjuring
Conjuring stuffed bird props
Conjuring film props
In addition to the classic imagery of scary dolls, this movie also looks like it has some other familiar horror tropes like sinister looking jack-in-the-box toys and creepy antique wind-up monkey toys. Plus you can never have enough crows and black birds to symbolise death.
The Conjuring spooky movie props
The Conjuring movie props
Conjuring spooky family photo props
Grant deed prop The Conjuring
Also included with the display were some of the instruments and cameras that 'Ed' and 'Lorraine Warren' used in their investigations of hauntings and supernatural phenomena, plus ghostly photographic evidence and the traditional spooky family photos.

If you're a fan of horror movies and big screen frights, be sure to also check out these cool costumes and props from My Soul To Take and these original screen-used costumes and props from The Shining on display.

The Conjuring movie poster
The Conjuring movie poster
Read more about The WarrensEd and Lorraine Warren: Deliver Us From Evil - True Cases of Haunted Houses and Demonic Attacks


  1. Hi, i was wondering if there is a prop music box for sale. From the conjuring 2. Kind regards paul.

    1. Sorry I don't own any of these props featured on my blog, just an admirer of all the exhibits I see on my travels. Maybe keep an eye on sites like in the future, they often do WB Studios auctions!


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