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Giant K-1 Robot and Melkur statue from Tom Baker's Doctor Who era...

Over the past few blog entries I've tended to concentrate more on the costumes worn by the Eleven Doctors, but for the next few days I plan to showcase some of the outlandish aliens, monsters and fantastical creatures that delighted me so much growing up watching Doctor Who in Britain.

Original K-1 Robot and Melkur statue from Doctor Who
K1 Robot Doctor Who 1974
This K-1 Robot was a bit before my time (although for a self-confessed sci-fi nerd any robot is cool in my book), whilst I certainly remember this Melkur statue, both from the Tom Baker era. These fantastic original props were photographed on display at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay, Wales on May 20, 2013.

Refurbished original K-1: The Giant Robot (1974)
Original K1 Robot Doctor Who
K1 Robot Doctor Who 1974
Doctor Who K1 Robot
Doctor Who K1 Robot
K-1 Robot Doctor Who 1974
The Experimental Prototype Robot K-1 was built by the eccentric 'Professor J.P. Kettlewell' of Think Tank and the Doctor and his Companions 'Sarah Jane Smith' and 'Harry Sullivan' encountered this giant metal creation in the 1974 serial 'Robot', written by the infamous sci-fi writer Terrance Dicks.

It was notably the first episode to feature the Fourth Doctor after his regeneration in Planet of the Spiders. The plot saw K-1 reprogrammed by rogue scientists from its prime directive to help humanity and also saw this robot made of 'living metal' become obsessed with Sarah Jane Smith after she had been the first to ever show it kindness.

If you like this classic robot, be sure to also check out these cool cyborg Daleks from Doctor Who across the ages.

Refurbished original Melkur statue prop 
from The Keeper of Traken (1981)
Keeper of Traken Melkur statue Doctor who
Melkur statue Doctor Who
Melkur statue Doctor Who 1981
Meanwhile 1981's Keeper of Traken serial featured this Melkur statue.

In Trakenite culture corrupted creatures were rendered immobile and stone-like by the planet's peaceful atmosphere, upon his arrival the Doctor discovered this calcified statue was very much alive and was in fact the evil Time Lord, 'The Master's'TARDIS in disguise using its functioning chameleon circuitry.

If you're fan of the Fourth Doctor's adventures, be sure to take a closer look at Tom Baker's iconic Doctor Who costume on display.

Buy the episodes: Doctor Who: Robot (Story 75)

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