Thursday, June 4, 2015

Entourage movie costumes and props on display...

This Summer after eight seasons on TV, the boys of Entourage have finally made it to the big screen in their inaugural movie. The comedy drama follows the exploits of actor 'Vincent Chase', his manager, his agent and the rest of his friends as the navigate the tricky world of fame and celebrity in Hollywoodland.

Original film costumes and props from Entourage
at ArcLight Hollywood cinema
Entourage movie costume prop exhibit
Entourage film costumes
Entourage movie props
Jerry Ferrara Entourage Turtle movie costume
Entourage Turtle and Vince movie costumes
Entourage movie costumes
This costume and prop exhibit to help publicise the new movie based on the hit HBO series (and filled with celebrity cameos), was photographed on display at ArcLight Hollywood cinema on May 30, 2015.

Entourage movie billboard
Entourage movie billboard
Olivia Miles was Costume Designer on this movie outing and she was also responsible for series costume design in the last few seasons of the show.

Original costume worn by Adrian Grenier
as Vincent Chase in the Entourage movie
Adrian Grenier Entourage Vincent Chase movie costume
Entourage Vincent Chase movie costume
Entourage Vince Chase film costume
Vince Chase costume detail Entourage movie
Vince Chase necklace Entourage movie
Entourage movie costumes
Adrian Grenier looks every bit the movie star in this outfit as 'Vincent Chase', complete with Beats headphones and funky necklace, whilst Jerry Ferrara's 'Turtle' is in fighting gear as he's taking on Mixed Martial Arts fighter Rhonda Rousey in the movie.

The funny thing is the stars of Entourage were one of the first celebrity sightings I ever had when I moved to L.A., as I spotted them shooting the Entourage season five promo posters along Santa Monica Boulevard back in June 2008. I've even spotted Adrian Grenier in person at ArcLight Hollywood too.

Screen-used props from the Entourage movie
Original Entourage film props
Screen-used Entourage movie props
Entourage Johnny's Bottle flask prop
Entourage movie props
Also included with the exhibit are props from the film, including folding directors chairs and props from the faux movie-within-a-movie Vince is directing, 'Hyde'.

Entourage movie billboard
Entourage movie billboard
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