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Original Tomorrowland movie costumes on display...

In Disney's Tomorrowland movie, the world brightest minds and dreamers have created a place filled with technological wonders designed to advance humanity, but something has gone wrong and Britt Robertson's inquisitive 'Casey Newton' and George Clooney's jaded inventor 'Frank Walker' must discover what before the Earth faces destruction.

Tomorrowland movie costume exhibit
at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood
Original Tomorrowland movie costumes prop
Tomorrowland movie costume exhibit
Tomorrowland citizens costume exhibit
Tomorrowland film costumes
Original Tomorrowland movie costumes
Tomorrowland movie citizens costumes
To accompany the movie, the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood had this fantastic selection of original costumes and screen-used film props on display on May 26, 2015, which helped bring the futuristic Tomorrowland to life on the big screen.

Tomorrowland movie poster
Tomorrowland Casey Newton movie poster
Jeffrey Kurland was Costume Designer on the movie directed by Brad Bird and if you like this wardrobe selection, you should also check out this cool Jetpack man costume from Tomorrowland.

Original costume worn by Britt Robertson
as Casey Newton in Tomorrowland
Britt Robertson Tomorrowland Casey Newton costume
Tomorrowland Casey Newton film costume
Tomorrowland Casey Newton NASA cap
Tomorrowland Casey Newton movie costume
Casey Newton Tomorrowland movie costume
Under the Dome's Britt Robertson plays the curious and intelligent 'Casey Newton' in the movie and she's transported to Tomorrowland when she touches a special pin with a 'T' symbol that has been sneaked into her possessions. She wears her engineer dad's old NASA cap as part of her on-screen look.

The object pictured beside her belongs to a device which allows her to view the future when she ventures to Tomorrowland.

Original costume worn by George Clooney
as Frank Walker in Tomorrowland
George Clooney Tomorrowland Frank Walker film costume
Tomorrowland Frank Walker movie costume
Tomorrowland Frank Walker costume
George Clooney Tomorrowland Frank Walker film costume
In the movie George Clooney plays 'Frank Walker', an inventor who discovered Tomorrowland as a boy in 1964 and was subsequently exiled from the wondrous place until Casey comes to find the reclusive genius for his help.

If you're a fan of the actor, be sure to also check out George Clooney's Bat-suit from Batman & Robin and his movie costume from The Descendants on display.

Tomorrowland movie poster
Tomorrowland Athena movie poster

Original costume worn by Raffey Cassidy
as Athena in Tomorrowland
Tomorrowland Athena 1964 costume
Raffey Cassidy Tomorrowland Athena movie costume
Tomorrowland Athena 1964 dress
Athena Tomorrowland World Fair dress
Athena Tomorrowland World Fair movie costume
At the 1964 New York World Fair a young Frank catches the interest of the enigmatic 'Athena' who sees his potential as an inventor and who we later discover has a secret and special talents of her own.

When they meet she is wearing this retro looking dress, which I didn't realise had such a plastic sheen on the big screen. But as you can see it also looks different under different lighting conditions.

Original costume worn by Hugh Laurie
as Governor Nix in Tomorrowland
Hugh Laurie Tomorrowland Governor Nix movie costume
Tomorrowland Governor Nix film costume
Governor Nix Tomorrowland movie costume
Governor Nix Tomorrowland costume
Hugh Laurie Governor Nix Tomorrowland film costume
In New York in the past, Frank also meets Hugh Laurie's 'David Nix', although he doesn't wear this futuristic silvery fashion until they meet again later in a the film when he's now Governor of Tomorrowland.

Young Frank jetpack test costume
worn by Thomas Robinson in Tomorrowland
Young Frank Tomorrowland movie costume
Thomas Robinson Tomorrowland Young Frank costume
Tomorrowland Young Frank jetpack test costume
This is the cobbled together protective costume that Thomas Robinson wears as 'Young Frank' when he tests the jetpack he designed on his father's farm.

Frank's 1964 jetpack and blueprint props from Tomorrowland 
Tomorrowland 1964 jetpack and blueprint movie props
Tomorrowland 1964 jetpack prop
Tomorrowland 1964 jetpack blueprint prop
1964 jetpack Tomorrowland
1964 jetpack Tomorrowland film prop
Plus here's also the actual 1964 jetpack that he designs and wears in the movie, complete with the bag he carries it to the World Fair in.

If you like all these original costumes and loved the film, be sure to stay tuned in the days to come for a closer look at more outfits and screen-used props featured in the science fiction adventure movie on display.

Tomorrowland movie poster
Tomorrowland Young Frank movie poster
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  1. Great pictures... did you get any closeups of the fabric on Athena's dress? Like clear enough to read the equations?

  2. No closer ones sorry, it's always hard with the reflective display cases, although I didn't realise all those lines on the fabric were made up of equations, cool!

  3. May be missed it but how long will they be on Display at the theather ?

  4. Sadly it was temporary, just for the duration of the movie showing at the El Capitan

  5. I really want to see and know about the gloves Casey is wearing when she's dressed in all black and riding her motorcycle. I love the look of the gloves and I really want a pair. I would love to know more about them.


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