Monday, September 23, 2013

Original Prisoners film costumes and props on display...

On Saturday night I saw Prisoners and thought it was an engrossing and intense movie from start to finish and never lost me once during the two hours and twenty-three minutes.

Original costumes and props from Prisoners on display
Prisoners movie costume display
Screen used Prisoners movie props
Original Prisoners film props
To promote the opening of the gripping movie about two families whose young daughters are abducted at Thanksgiving, the ArcLight Hollywood cinema had this cool exhibit of original costumes and props from the film. Once you see the film you'll realise what a nice touch the maze-like background is for the displays which I photographed on September 21, 2013.

Prisoners movie poster
Prisoners movie poster
These costumes from the movie are worn by Jake Gyllenhaal as the investigating Conyers, Pennsylvania Police Detective 'Wayne Loki', plus by Hugh Jackman as 'Keller Dover', the distraught father of one of the kidnapped six year-old girls, who'll do almost anything to get his child back.

Costumes worn by Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman in Prisoners
Jake Gyllenhaal Hugh Jackman Prisoners movie costumes
Jake Gyllenhaal Detective Loki Prisoners film costume
Hugh Jackman Keller Dover Prisoners film costume
Original Prisoners movie costumes
An interesting character quirk of Jake Gyllenhaal 'Detective Loki is that he wears his top shirt button done up with no tie, which is a slightly odd look.

Meanwhile Hugh Jackman character is a religious family man and the owner of a struggling carpentry business. He's also a hunter and firm believer in being prepared and is a bit of a survivalist, hoarding supplies in his basement.

Renée April is Costume Designer on Prisoners and she's clothed both actors in the past, in the films Source Code and The Fountain.

Screen-used movie props from Prisoners on display
Prisoners movie prop exhibit
Detective Loki Prisoners movie props
Screen used Detective Loki Prisoners film props
Original Prisoners film props
Prisoners Drivers License toy camper van watch props
Prisoners ID toy camper van movie props
Also on display with the costumes was an eclectic collection of props featured in the movie. 

They included the police badge, business cards, car keys, notebook and pen used by Jake Gyllenhaal as 'Detective Loki', plus a toy camper van which resembles the vehicle used to abduct the children and is part of the evidence in the investigation.
Prisoners movie props
Prisoners cross wedding ring movie props
Hugh Jackman Keller Dover Pennsylvania Drivers License Prisoners prop
Prisoners cross wedding ring movie props
In addition there were props used by Hugh Jackman, including a Pennsylvania Driver's License for 'Keller Timothy Dover' and I believe a wooden cross and wedding band belonging to his religious married character.

I highly recommend this compelling thriller, although if you're a parent yourself you may not enjoy it so much.

If you're a fan of Hugh Jackman, be sure to check out these Real Steel movie costumes and props, plus his Jean Valjean prisoner costume from Les Misérables on display.

Meanwhile if you're an admirer of Jake Gyllenhaal, take a look at his cool Dastan costume from Prince of Persia.

Prisoners movie poster
Prisoners movie poster
Buy the haunting soundtrack: Prisoners: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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