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10 Halloween costume ideas for men from the movies and TV...

Whenever I see a new film costume exhibit I really like, I always think "how cool would that be to wear for Halloween". With that in mind, here's ten costume ideas for men from the movie exhibits I've come across throughout 2013 so far, hopefully they'll be able to provide some inspiration if you're still struggling with your Halloween outfit this year.

Johnny Depp Tonto costume The Lone Ranger
Even though Disney's remake of The Lone Ranger was a big flop this summer, you can't really fault Penny Rose's costume interpretation of the Old West and Johnny Depp's 'Tonto' would make for a great costume this Halloween (especially with that scary crow as a headpiece and the right black and white warpaint face makeup).

Be sure to check out more original movie costumes from The Lone Ranger on display for inspiration.

Spartacus Roman General
Laurence Olivier Roman General Spartacus movie costume
From the Wild West to the Roman Empire, and I spied this glorious Roman General armour and tunic, which was famously worn by Laurence Olivier as 'Marcus Licinius Crassus' in 1960's Spartacus, at the amazing Stanley Kubrick retrospective exhibition at LACMA earlier this year.

Iron Man Mark 42 armour
Iron Man Mark 42 suit
Once again this summer, superhero movies ruled the box office and none more so than Iron Man 3, which was seen as a follow-up to last year's blockbuster Avengers hit movie.

This is the latest gold and red Mark 42 armour from the third film, but be sure to check out all the other Iron Man suits which I photographed on display at Disneyland's temporary Stark Expo attraction in Tomorrowland to help promote the movie's release.

Be sure to check out for some cool Iron Man costumesand armoured Avenger accessories to help with your Halloween look this year.

Man of Steel Superman
Henry Cavill Man of Steel Superman costume
A new, darker Superman was reborn on the big screen this summer with Henry Cavill filling out the skin-tight suit to perfection.

I'm sure there will be quite a few Man of Steel costumes flying around this Halloween, but if you prefer more of a classic look, be sure to check out Brand Routh's Superman Returns costume which is much more faithful to the Kryptonian's original iconic look.

The Iceman
Michael Shannon The Iceman costume
This year The Iceman wasn't Marvel's merry mutant and member of the X-Men, but instead a mafia hitman with the same name (but no powers, aside from the ability to kill people and get away with it for years), played by Michael Shannon (none other than Man of Steel's 'General Zod').

This Halloween step back in time and get groovy with this retro fashion look from the 70's, which may be far easier to source at vintage clothing and thrift stores than making your own elaborate costume.

Modern Day 11th Doctor Who
Matt Smith 11th Doctor Who costume
As it's the Gallifreyan Time Lord's 50th anniversary this year I couldn't resist suggesting two looks from his impressive televisual history, which I saw on display at the Doctor Who Experience this May in Cardiff Bay, Wales.

First up is Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor outfit, with his signature bow-tie, skinny suspenders and tweed jacket. All you need to complete the look is a fez hat and your own sonic screwdriver (not to mention a TARDIS and a companion or two).
Classic 4th Doctor Who
Tom Baker 4th Doctor Who costume
Then possibly the most iconic Doctor Who costume, that worn by Tom Baker as the fourth incarnation (and longest serving) of the space-time traveling Doctor, who sported an impossibly long multi-coloured striped-scarf to complement his crazy mop of hair. Better get knitting now.

Plus if you're a fellow Whovian, be sure to take a look at all the other Doctor's looks and his lexicon of adversaries and aliens for more inspiration this Halloween.
Marty Mcfly's Atomic Cowboy
In May this year I also popped along to Universal Studio Hollywood's costume and prop showcase to see what movie memorabilia they had on display in their ever-changing TV and movie archive attraction.

I wasn't disappointed as they had this cool Western-themed costume worn by Michael J. Fox as 'Marty McFly' in Back to the Future Part III from 1990, which makes for an interesting spin on a cowboy outfit.

Battleship Naval dress whites
Battleship Naval dress whites
Also on display at the same time and place was this U.S. Navy dress whites uniform worn by Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd in 2012's Battleship, which is very much 'An Officer and a Gentleman' look. After all, everyone likes a man in uniform.
Prince Charming
Once Upon a Time Prince Charming costume
And speaking of wooing your admirers, there's always a fairytale prince costume to give you that regal air, like this Prince Charming outfit worn by Josh Dallas in ABC's hit TV series, Once Upon a Time.

So there you have it, a smattering of ideas from science-fiction, comic books, Westerns, fairytales and fantasy, military and historical genres to help you make up your mind.

And if these original costumes from the big and small screen haven't provided any inspiration for you, be sure to also check out these inventive costumes from West Hollywood's annual Halloween Carnaval.

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