Saturday, March 17, 2012

John Carter's Dejah Thoris wedding outfit and jewelry on display...

Having now seen John Carter on the big screen I can safely say that I appreciate the costumes featured in the sci-fi movie set on Mars even more.
Princess Dejah Thoris wedding costume from John Carter
Dejah Thoris wedding outfitDejah Thoris wedding dressDejah Thoris movie costumeDejah Thoris movie outfit
Dejah Thoris wedding costume
Lynn Collins Dejah Thoris outfit
Here's another look at the wedding outfit worn by Lynn Collins as the Helium Princess 'Dejah Thoris', complete with headpiece jewelry.
John Carter movie and exhibit at the
El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood
John Carter El Capitan Theatre
This authentic costume was on display at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on March 15, 2012 and along with other original costumes, props and set pieces from the Disney movie will be available for cinema goers to see until April 19, 2012.
Original Princess Dejah Thoris movie costume on display
Dejah Thoris wedding costumeDejah Thoris costume detail
Dejah Thoris wedding costume John Carter
Dejah Thoris John Carter outfit
The El Capitan always exhibits these movie treasures in such a professional way and I especially appreciate how they've opted for a red-skinned mannequin for the Barsoom Princess.
Dejah Thoris outfit John CarterDejah Thoris sandals
John Carter Dejah Thoris movie costume
Even though the mannequin is missing a wig of flowing raven locks, it actually allows you to see more detail of the jeweled headdress and necklace (which I know certain visitors have been asking for and will really appreciate).
Wedding outfit jewelry worn by Lynn Collins as Princess Dejah Thoris
Princess Dejah Thoris jewelry headpieceDejah Thoris jewelryDejah Thoris costume jewelryPrincess Dejah Thoris necklaceDejah Thoris bracelet
Mayes C. Rubeo is Costume Designer on John Carter and you can also see her design work in James Cameron's Avatar.
Dejah Thoris film costumePrincess Dejah Thoris jewelryDejah Thoris headdress
If you'd like to see this costume in a different light, be sure to check out Dejah Thoris wedding costume on display at ArcLight Sherman Oaks cinema.
John Carter movie billboard
John Carter movie billboard


  1. Wow, beautiful costume! I've seen it in the trailers, but not the movie yet.

  2. This is beautiful, where can I buy a similar headdress?

  3. Yes yes I am also interested in the headpiece.

  4. love the head and neck piece. where can I buy them?

  5. This dress is more than likely in the Walt Disney Archives now and not available for sale

  6. Where can i buy the head dress please :)