Friday, March 23, 2012

Matai Shang Thern robes from John Carter on display...

I've previously featured Mark Strong's 'Matai Shang' costume from John Carter, which was on display at ArcLight Sherman Oaks cinema, but this version at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on March 15, 2012, also sported the meddling Thern's medallion to complete the look.

Costume worn by Mark Strong as Matai Shang in John Carter
Mark Strong Matai Shang costumeJohn Carter Matai Shang costumeMatai Shang outfit John CarterMatai Shang costume backMatai Shang movie costume John Carter
This robed ensemble was designed by Mayes C. Rubeo along with the other Martian fashions in Disney's big screen adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs sci-fi character, such as Princess Dejah Thoris wedding outfit and John Carter's loincloth costume.

Thern medallion from John Carter
Matai Shang medallion John CarterMatai Shang medallion movie propMatai Shang robes John Carter
In Disney's John Carter, the mysterious Therns travel from planet to planet in our solar system using these medallions, masquerading as the native population they manipulate events to shape the future to their liking.

John Carter movie exhibit at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood
John Carter El Captan Hollywood
Go further behind-the-scenes with this book: The Art of John Carter: A Visual Journey

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