Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tars Tarkas props and more from John Carter on display...

In the movies it's not only the costumes and special effects that can transport you to other worlds, it's also the movie props used by the actors and to dress a set that can help you make believe.
Original John Carter movie props
John Carter movie propsThark statue prop John CarterOriginal John Carter film props
These original props from Disney's big screen John Carter of Mars adaptation were photographed on display at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on March 15, where they will be for cinema goers to see until April 19 2012.
John Carter movie exhibit at the El Capitan Theatre
John Carter El Capitan
Included amongst the array of props was the medallion used by John Carter to transport himself to Mars, when he kills and takes it from the Thern in the cave on Earth.
Thern medallion prop used in John Carter
John Carter medallion prop
Medallion prop John Carter
Also on display was John Carter's Will and journal props, which his nephew Edgar 'Ned' Rice Burroughs reads after the apparent death of his wealthy and eccentric uncle.
John Carter's Will and Journal props
John Carter will and journal props
Also integral to the movie's plot is this door from the mausoleum crypt where John Carter is placed when he 'dies'.
Mausoleum door set piece from John Carter
John Carter Mausoleum doorMausoleum door John Carter
The Latin inscription on the door 'Inter Mundos' contains a secret key code to the vault, which only opens from the inside, and I believe it translates as 'Between Worlds', which is quite appropriate.
Tars Tarkas telescope prop from John Carter
Tars Tarkas telescope prop John CarterTars telescope prop John Carter
The exhibit also included telescope and sword props used by the digitally-created green six-limbed Martian Thark Jeddak (leader), 'Tars Tarkas', voiced by Willem Dafoe.
Tar Tarkas sword prop from John Carter
Tars sword John Carter
If you like these, be sure to also check out props used by the other inhabitants of Mars, arms and armor used by the Helium forces and Zodangan weapons and helmets.
John Carter movie billboard
John Carter Martian billboard

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