Monday, October 3, 2011

Prom costumes from Footloose remake on display...

In this year's remake of Footloose, Kenny Wormald steps into the iconic dancing shoes of Kevin Bacon from the 1984 original movie as 'Ren McCormack' and brings his big city ways to a small town where rock 'n' roll and dancing has been banned.

Original costumes on display from the Footloose remake
Footloose remake costume display
Footloose remake prom outfitsFootloose prom outfitsFootloose Prom costumesFootloose Prom costume display
Former Dancing with the Stars professional dancer, Julianne Hough, is his love interest and takes Lori Singer's place as 'Ariel Moore'.

Here are both their prom outfits from the new movie on display at ArcLight Hollywood cinema on October 2, 2011, which were installed by Olson Visual.

Footloose movie billboard
Footloose 2011 remake billboard

Prom costume worn by Kenny Wormald
as Ren McCormack in Footloose
Kenny Wormald Footloose Prom costume
Footloose movie costumes
Laura Jean Shannon was Costume Designer on this movie remake of the iconic 80's classic. You can also check out her costumes in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.
Prom dress worn by Julianne Hough
as Ariel Moore in Footloose
Footloose Julianne Hough prom dressFootloose 2011 prom costumes
Be sure to come back soon for even more costumes from the new Footloose on display.

If you like these outfits be sure to check out these original prom dresses from Disney's Prom movie.
Footloose movie poster
Footloose 2011 poster


  1. I finally saw a trailer commercial for this travesty. While the dance sequences look like they could be good, the rest of the movie was a poor, POOR imitation of the orginal! I'm truely disgusted that the remake copied/"updated" the original's prom costumes. I smell a box office bomb!

    1. What you talking about? The remake was awesome! Much better than the original. They put more details in the remake and it wasn't so cheesy. The prom outfits was better too. Especially Ariel's. Think you should watch it again because it's better than you think!

  2. Hollywood does need some fresh ideas with unnecessary remakes like Footloose, Arthur, Straw Dogs, Fright Night, The Three Musketeers and Conan the Barbarian all coming these past few months.

    Let's hope Footloose is better than the Fame remake.

  3. Don't forget about the Dirty Dancing remake in the works, as well as Clue.

  4. There really is no need to remake these films. Dirty Dancing is a favourite and a classic. Where are the new ideas?!?

  5. I LOVED the remake. It's now my favorite movie! :) They did an awesome job! :D Definitely worth the buy!!


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