Thursday, August 25, 2011

Original movie costumes and props from The Rocketeer...

In director Joe Johnston's 1991 homage to pulp comic and Saturday matinee heroes of the 1930's and 1940's, Billy Campbell stars as the titular 'Rocketeer', a young stunt pilot who stumbles onto a mysterious prototype jetpack which allows him to fly.

Original costumes on display from The Rocketeer
at Disney D23 Expo 2011
The Rocketeer movie costume exhibitThe Rocketeer movie costumes
The Rocketeer movie costume
The nostalgic movie is set in 1930's L.A., where stunt pilot 'Cliff Secord' discovers the rocket pack and uses it to battle Nazi spies.

Cliff Secord pilot costume worn by Billy Campbell,
plus Gee Bee miniature airplane on display from The Rocketeer
The Rocketeer Cliff Secord pilot costumeCliff Secord pilot costume The RocketeerCliff Secord pilot outfit The Rocketeer
Cliff Secord 1930s pilot costume The Rocketeer
Cliff Secord costume and Gee Bee miniature airplane
The Gee Bee miniature airplane model pictured behind Billy Campbell's 'Cliff Secord' pilot outfit was built by Industrial Light & Magic.

The Rocketeer movie poster
The Rocketeer poster
Based on the iconic retro look of Dave Stevens Rocketeer superhero which first appeared in 1982, the costumes in the movie are designed by Marilyn Vance, whose work can also be seen in Die Hard, Predator and Pretty Woman to name but a few films.

The Rocketeer costume worn by Billy Campbell
Billy Campbell The Rocketeer movie costumeBilly Campbell The Rocketeer film costumeBilly Campbell The Rocketeer costumeThe Rocketeer movie helmetThe Rocketeer movie costume
Also included in the Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives exhibit on August 19, 2011, was one of the jetpack props used in the movie.

The Rocketeer's Cirrus X3 jetpack
The Rocketeer Cirrus X3 jetpackThe Rocketeer Cirrus X3 jetpackCirrus X3 Rocketeer jetpack
Cirrus X3 jetpack The Rocketeer
The Rocketeer Cirrus X3 jetpack
Finally, here's also the 1930's style ball gown worn by Jennifer Connelly as 'Jenny Blake', Cliff Secord's aspiring actress girlfriend in the movie.

Actual dress worn by Jennifer Connelly
as Jenny Blake in The Rocketeer
Original Rocketeer movie costumesJennifer Connelly Rocketeer dressJennifer Connelly Rocketeer ball gownJennifer Connelly Rocketeer dress
If you love these fantastic outfits, be sure to check out more original costumes, models and props that were on display at Disney's D23 Expo 2011.

The Rocketeer movie poster
The Rocketeer movie poster

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