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Costumes from the original Tron on display...

In Steven Lisberger's original 1982 sci-fi movie Tron, Jeff Bridges hacker 'Kevin Flynn' is literally zapped into the world of a computer and forced to battle in gladiatorial games and team up with the heroic security program 'Tron' to stop the nefarious schemes of the Master Control Program.

Original Tron movie costume exhibit at Disney D23 Expo
Original Tron movie costumesRam and Flynn Tron movie costumesTron 1982 film costumes1982 Tron movie costumesRam and Flynn Tron costumes
These fantastic costumes worn by the stars of the movie were photographed on display at the Disney D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center on August 19, 2011.
Tron movie poster
1982 Tron movie poster
Elois Jenssen and Rosanna Norton were responsible for creating the distinctive look of the costumes in Tron, which have become such iconic cult classics since their debut almost 30 years ago.

Original movie costume worn by Dan Shor as Ram in Tron
Original Ram Tron movie costumeRam Tron fim costumeRam Tron movie costumeDan Shor Ram Tron costume
First up is the costume worn by Dan Shor as the Program 'Ram', who escapes with Flynn and Tron in the movie. His costume appears to be missing a belt, but he's holding his frisbee-like Identity Disc, so you can't complain.

Actual costume worn by Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn in Tron
Jeff Bridges Flynn Tron costumeJeff Bridges Flynn Tron costumeJeff Bridges 1982 Flynn Tron costume
Next is the costume Jeff Bridges wears as the User 'Kevin Flynn' in the computerised world.

Be sure to also check out this futuristic looking Jai Alai arm prop used by Jeff Bridges on the game grid, plus a closer look at Jeff Bridges warrior helmet from Tron.

Original costume worn by Cindy Morgan as Yori in Tron
Cindy Morgan Yori Tron movie costumeYori 1982 Tron film costumeYori 1982 Tron movie costumeYori Tron movie costume
Next is the Tron outfit worn by Cindy Morgan as the female Program 'Yori' (which also appears to be missing a belt), who is the computerised counterpart to the ENCOM scientist 'Lora Baines' and love interest of Tron.

Original film costume worn by Bruce Boxleitner as Tron
Bruce Boxleitner Tron movie costumeOriginal Tron movie costume Tron 1982 movie costume
Finally, this is the costume worn by Bruce Boxleitner as the titular 'Tron', who is a security Program created by ENCOM computer programmer 'Alan Bradley'.

If you're a fan of Tron, make sure that you check out these upgraded movie costumes from the new 2010 Tron: Legacy on display, plus a replica Lightcycle inspired by the movie.

Tron movie poster
Tron film poster

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  1. Great article, thanks a lot for sharing these great pics... but you forgot to say these costumes were designed by french artist Jean "Moebius" Giraud.



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