Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Brandon Routh's Superman Returns suit on display...

In Bryan Singer's 2006 reinvention of the Man of Steel, Brandon Routh donned the familiar red, yellow and blue costume in Superman Returns.

Original Superman costume worn by
Brandon Routh in Superman Returns
Superman Returns 2006 movie costumeSuperman Returns movie costume
Original Superman Returns costume
Louise Migenbach was the costume designer responsible for updating the last son of Krypton's classic superhero costume, which retained the look of the traditional Superman outfit.

Superman Returns movie poster
Superman Returns movie poster
The fabric used for the muscle-hugging blue mesh body suit is a very fine synthetic milliskin that apparently feels like a diaphanous wetsuit, whilst the leathery looking red cape is made from a gluey plastic material.

Superman Returns suit on display from all perspectives
Superman Returns movie suitSuperman Returns costume side-viewSuperman Returns costume capeSuperman Returns suit side-viewBrandon Routh Superman Returns costume
Superman Returns bootsSuperman Returns costume boots
Brandon Routh Superman Returns costume
Apologies for some of the picture quality, but ultimately this is the kind of iconic costume you need to see up close in person, so be sure you try and check it out whilst it's still on display at the London Film Museum.

Superman Returns movie poster
Superman Returns movie poster
This original Superman costume was photographed on January 25, 2011 at the London Film Museum on loan from Warner Bros. Studios.

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  1. Saw this or one of Brandon Routh's Superman Returns costumes in NYC at various venues and it did not disappoint.....updated but still classically Superman....nothing jarring. I am going to miss Brandon Routh in the upcoming Superman movie as he was/is the total embodiment of Superman.

  2. I agree. Having seen the new costume sported by Henry Cavill, not sure what I think about Superman without red underwear.

  3. what???? B.Routh isnt playing superman again?????????? Crap! No im skeptical...I agree with the first comment about how Brandon was the perfect superman! Kind,compassionate eyes and body language! I dont think he can be replaced by anyone better! If he is then ill be totally surprised...BRANDON!!!! DUDE!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??????

  4. Hi, where could i see this costumes please ?!! i'm fan !!!

  5. This costume was still on display at the London Film Museum in May, not sure if it's still there with Christian Bale's Batman Begins Batsuit

  6. I am a huge Superman fan, and can't believe they didn't cast Brandon Routh again. He was the best thing about SR, and carried the film, both as CK and Superman. He was not a clone of CR, even if he was marketed as such.

  7. I have to strongly disagree with all comments here. Brandon Routh did mediocre as superman at best. He is right there next to Dean Cain. Henry Caville did an awesome job but still Nobody can compare to Christopher Reeves. I think they could have gotten away with Tom Welling in a Movie as well as I think he plays a really good Clark and Superman. But honestly, nobody really even remembers Brandon Rouths name when it comes to talking about superman.


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