Friday, February 11, 2011

Christian Bale's Bat-Suit from Batman Begins on display...

In 2005 Christopher Nolan brought a darker, grittier Batman back to the streets of Gotham City and Christian Bale played the titular crime-fighting superhero.

Original Bat-Suit worn by Christian Bale in Batman Begins
Batman Begins Christian Bale Bat-SuitActual Batman Begins Bat-Suit
Christian Bale Batman Begins movie costume
This movie rebooted the Batman movie franchise returning to the Caped Crusader's origin story to reintroduce cinema goers to a more realistic version of the iconic comic book hero.

Batman Begins movie poster
Batman Begins movie poster
Lindy Hemming was responsible for redesigning the Bat-Suit for Batman Begins and also for Costume Design on the sequels, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

Actual costume featured in Batman Begins
Batman Begins costume exhibitBatman Begins movie costume displayBatman Begins Bat-SuitBatman Begins movie Bat-SuitOriginal Batman Begins Bat-SuitBatman Begins movie costume
If you like this Bat-Suit be sure to also check out Christian Bale's costume from The Dark Knight.

For a much better look at this particular costume on display, be sure to see it up close in person at the London Film Museum where this Bat-Suit was photographed on January 25, 2011, as part of a temporary exhibition on loan from Warner Bros. Studios.

Batman Begins movie poster
Batman Begins movie poster
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