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Prosthetic Sleestak head from Land of the Lost...

In the 2009 big screen adaptation of the 70's children's television series of the same name, Land of the Lost, the race of lizard men called the 'Sleestaks' return to cause trouble for paleontologist Rick Marshall (played by Will Ferrell).

Prosthetic Sleestak head on display
Prosthetic Sleestak head Land of the LostLand of the Lost movie Sleestak maskSleestak head Land of the Lost 2009
This prosthetic Sleestak head used in the big budget film was photographed on display at Universal Studios Hollywood on January 7, 2011.

Land of the Lost movie poster
Land of the Lost movie poster
Dozens of Sleestak heads were created for the movie and this particular mask was worn by actor Todd Christian Hunter. To add to the individuality of the reptilian collective, each Sleestak head was made from a custom cast of the performer's head.

Sleestak mask from the Land of the Lost movie
Land of the Lost prosthetic Sleestak headProsthetic Sleestak head Land of the LostProsthetic Sleestak mask Land of the Lost
Creature and special effects company, Spectral Motion, were responsible for updating the look of the horn-headed, bulging eyed reptilian humanoids and creating thirty scaly Sleestak suits to be used in the movie.

Spectral Motion were also responsible for providing the distinctive creature effects in Hellboy II.

Be sure to also check out the vehicle used in Land of the Lost.

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