Friday, January 7, 2011

Universal Studios Hollywood latest movie costume and prop exhibit...

The NBC Universal Experience attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood is a treasure trove of authentic props, wardrobe and movie memorabilia and is regularly updated with new costume displays from new and past Universal films and NBC TV shows at least every six months.

NBC Universal Experience exhibit January 2011
Original movie and TV costumes
Universal movie costume exhibit
Over the coming days Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props will showcase the latest original outfits, props, masks and models on display from the worlds of fantasy, horror, comedy, sci-fi, animation and more.

Authentic costumes from new movies and classic television shows
Universal movie costumes
This selection from behind-the-scenes of Hollywoodland include:

Plus original props from movies like The Blues Brothers, The American, Scott Pilgrim vs The World and classic TV shows like Murder, She Wrote

As you can see there's lots to enjoy, so come back soon for more details and photos here at Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props.

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