Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Batcave from the 1960's Batman TV show...

In the camp and colourful 1960's TV series 'Batman', Adam West starred as the titular hero and Burt Ward was his crime-fighting sidekick, the Boy Wonder 'Robin'.

Entrance to the Batcave
1960s Batman TV Batcave entrance
1960s Batman Batcave TV location
The dynamic duo's super secret headquarters was the 'Batcave' and this is the actual location where the 'Batmobile' would come driving out of the hidden HQ on a weekly basis.

1960's Batman TV series logo
Batman 1960s TV logo

The filming location is at the Bronson Caves (also known as Bronson Canyon) in L.A.'s Griffith Park. You can reach the Batcave from Canyon Drive, parking in the last parking lot on the right-hand side and hiking up the hill.

The real-life back exit of the Batcave
Batcave back entrance
You can actually walk into the mouth of the Batcave and through the short tunnel, don't worry you can see daylight on the other side, and you exit out into a quarry-like area (which itself makes for a perfect filming location and frequently has for TV and movie alike). Then if you walk further out into this area to your left you'll see the infamous Hollywood Sign sat atop Mount Lee.

The Hollywood Sign
Behind Batcave Hollywood Sign view
I have to say, watching the TV show as a kid growing up, it was quite a thrill to walk through the Batcave and uncovering more secrets of Hollywoodland.

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