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Suicide Squad film costumes and props on display...

In the big screen adaptation of DC Comics Suicide Squad, the world's worst criminals, killers and mercenaries like 'Joker', 'Harley Quinn', 'Killer Croc', 'Deadshot' and more are drafted for a covert black ops team to carry out dangerous missions in exchange for more lenient prison sentences. In the movie Viola Davis plays 'Amanda Waller', the no-nonsense government official that gives the Suicide Squad their orders.

Amanda Waller costume worn by Viola Davis in Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad Amanda Waller film costume
Suicide Squad Amanda Waller costume
Viola Davis Suicide Squad Amanda Waller movie costume
This costume worn by the How to Get Away With Murder actress was photographed as part of the DC Universe: The Exhibit at Warner Bros. Studios Hollywood Tour on June 9, 2016 alongside a cool collection of other screen-used Suicide Squad costumes and props.

Suicide Squad movie billboard
Suicide Squad movie billboard
Kate Hawley was Costume Designer on the comic book action movie by David Ayer and if you want to see more, be sure to check out these other original Suicide Squad movie costumes on display.

Rick Flag costume worn by Joel Kinnaman in Suicide Squad
Joel Kinnaman Suicide Squad Rick Flag costume
Rick Flag Suicide Squad movie costume
Rick Flag Suicide Squad film costume
In the film Joel Kinnaman plays 'Rick Flag', the military officer leader of the squad aka 'Task Force X'.

Suicide Squad movie poster
Suicide Squad Rick Flag movie poster
Also on display within the exhibit were henchmen costumes worn by various stuntmen in the movie, like these 'Panda Man', 'Eyeball Thug' (who looks a lot like Marvel's 'Orb') and 'Primary Thug' outfits. They look insanely absurd enough to be working for the Joker, so it'll be interesting to see who pulls their strings in the film.

Panda Man, Eyeball Thug and Primary Thug
movie costumes from Suicide Squad
Panda Man Suicide Squad costume
Panda Man Suicide Squad costume
Panda Man Suicide Squad movie costume
Eyeball Thug Suicide Squad costume
Suicide Squad Eyeball Thug costume
Stephane Julien Suicide Squad Eyeball Thug costume
Stephane Julien Suicide Squad Primary Thug costume
Suicide Squad Primary Thug costume
Suicide Squad Primary Thug film costume
In addition to these costumes they also had props and weapons used in the movie, like Karen Fukuhara's 'Katana' sword and tango short blade (not a criminal, she plays Rick Flag's bodyguard), the grapple gun and rope used by Adam Beach's 'Slipknot' and clay urns used by Cara Delevingne as 'June Moone' aka the mystical ancient evil, the 'Enchantress'.

Screen-used film props from Suicide Squad
Katana sword tanto props Suicide Squad
Slipknot grapple gun rope Suicide Squad
June Moone Clay urn props Suicide Squad
If you're a superhero (and villain) fan, be sure to also check out all these movie costumes and props inspired by comic books.

Suicide Squad movie poster
Suicide Squad movie poster
Go further behind-the-scenes with this book: Suicide Squad: Behind the Scenes with the Worst Heroes Ever

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