Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Carey Mulligan and Helena Bonham Carter costumes from Suffragette on display...

With pay inequality for women in Hollywood (and the workplace) being a hot topic at the moment, Suffragette seems like a timely film to grace the big screen. Inspired by true events, the film follows Carey Mulligan's 'Maud Watts', a working wife and mother, who fought alongside other women from all walks of life for the right to vote in early 20th century Britain, including protests, chaining themselves to railings, going on hunger strikes and being arrested.

Original Suffragette movie costumes on display
Suffragette movie costume exhibit
Carey Mulligan Suffragette film costume
Suffragette film costumes
Helena Bonham Carter Suffragette film costume
Suffragette film costume display
These costumes designed by Jane Petrie from the period movie directed by Sarah Gavron, were on display at ArcLight Hollywood cinema to publicise the forthcoming feature film and were photographed on October 13, 2015.

Costume worn by Carey Mulligan
as Maud Watts in Suffragette
Carey Mulligan Maud Watts Suffragette movie costume
Carey Mulligan Suffragette movie costume detail
Carey Mulligan Suffragette costume skirt detail
Carey Mulligan Suffragette costume
Maud Watts Suffragette film costume
No stranger to period dramas, you can also check out Carey Mulligan's Far From The Madding Crowd movie costume on display from earlier this year.

Costume worn by Helena Bonham Carter
as Edith Ellyn in Suffragette
Helena Bonham Carter Suffragette movie costume
Suffragette Edith Ellyn film costume
Edith Ellyn Suffragette film costume
Edith Ellyn Suffragette movie costume detail
Hunger strike medal Suffragette movie
Suffragette movie costume
Helena Bonham Carter Suffragette Edith Ellyn costume
In the film Helena Bonham Carter stars as a radical women's rights activist, whilst Meryl Streep plays the infamous suffragette, 'Emmeline Pankhurst'.

If you like her 'Votes for Women' costume, be sure to compare it to Glynis Johns Mrs. Winifred Banks costume from Mary Poppins on display.

Plus if you're a fan of the actress, you may also want to take a look at her Queen Elizabeth costume from The King's Speech, her Western gown from The Lone Ranger, her magical Fairy Godmother gown from Cinderella and even her Bellatrix Lestrange costume from Harry Potter.

Suffragette movie poster
Suffragette movie poster

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