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Anne Hathaway's Interstellar spacesuit and screen-used props on display...

Christopher Nolan's latest epic Interstellar isn't perfect, but it is a breath of fresh air for the sci-fi genre, from the new takes on robots, space travel and alien worlds, to the glimpse at a dying future Earth.

Interstellar astronaut costume and prop exhibit
Interstellar movie costume and prop exhibit
Interstellar spacesuit prop exhibit
Interstellar NASA spacesuit props
Interstellar NASA spacesuit cryobed prop
Interstellar astronaut suit film props
To help celebrate the movie's release, ArcLight Hollywood cinema had Anne Hathaway's NASA spacesuit, a scale model spacecraft and other screen-used props from the movie on display on November 7, 2014.

Interstellar movie billboard
Interstellar movie billboard
In the movie a former pilot and engineer turned farmer, played by Matthew McConaughey, must leave his children behind on a planet ravaged by dust storms and an agricultural blight and journey light years to the stars through a newly discovered wormhole to explore new worlds which may hold the only hope for humanity's survival.

Anne Hathaway plays 'Dr. Amelia Brand', the daughter of Michael Caine's 'Professor Brand' and a NASA scientist who accompanies Matthew McConaughey's 'Cooper' and small team of astronauts on their interstellar voyage. As this team of explorers venture into space at the speed of light, their families back home grow older at a faster rate due to the laws of relativity.

NASA spacesuit worn by Anne Hathaway
as Dr. Amelia Brand in Interstellar
Anne Hathaway NASA spacesuit Interstellar
Brand NASA spacesuit Interstellar
Interstellar NASA astronaut suit
Interstellar Dr Brand NASA astronaut suit
Anne Hathaway Interstellar NASA spacesuit
Interstellar NASA spacesuit
Interstellar NASA spacesuit legs detail
Interstellar Brand spacesuit
Some people are really polarised by Anne Hathaway as an actress, and either love or hate her. I think she's great, so it was fantastic to see her NASA spacesuit from the movie up close in the cinema's foyer. If you like this astronaut costume, be sure to also check out her Catwoman suit from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises.

Mary Zophres is Costume Designer on the movie and you can also see her costume work in Gangster Squad and the 2010 True Grit movie remake.

Lander spaceship scale model from Interstellar
Lander spaceship scale model Interstellar
Interstellar Lander spaceship model
Interstellar Lander spaceship 1:15 scale model
Lander spaceship 1:15 scale model Interstellar
In addition to the spacesuit, the exhibit also featured a cool scale model of the Lander spaceship featured in the movie.

I really liked the design of all the spacecraft in the film, they felt fresh and original. Although of all the futuristic technology, the angular robot TARS, they way he moved and his sarcastic personality, was one of my favourite pieces.

Original movie props from Interstellar
Interstellar airlock cryobed props
Interstellar cryobed movie prop
Interstellar cryobed film prop
Interstellar Endurance airlock door prop
In addition here's also one of the cryobed props from the film which allowed the astronauts to survive the rigors of space travel by going into suspended hibernation as their years long mission progressed, plus an airlock door from the wheel-like Endurance ship. It's great to see all the little details, down to the 'property of the US government' label on the cryobed.

If you like these screen-used models and props, be sure to also check out these movie costumes and props from Christopher Nolan's Inception on display in 2010.

Even though Christopher Nolan doesn't always know how to seamlessly execute his stories, I love how his films have big, interesting ideas and it really is nice to see a science fiction movie which is more about exploration and science, than just blowing things up with ray guns and alien armadas.

Interstellar movie billboard
Interstellar movie billboard
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