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The Riddler and Two-Face villain costumes from Batman Forever on display...

Batman Forever was the first in the DC Comics movie franchise directed by Joel Schumacher and the first replacement in the Bat-suit, in the form of Val Kilmer replacing Michael Keaton under the cowl. The 1995 film also saw two big names hamming it up as Batman's super-villains, with Jim Carrey as 'The Riddler' and Tommy Lee Jones as 'Two-Face'.

Original film costumes from 1995's Batman Forever
Original Batman Forever movie costume exhibit
Batman Forever villain movie costumes
Screen-used Batman Forever movie costumes
Here are some of the more flamboyant comic book costumes from the movie sequel, designed by Bob Ringwood and Ingrid Ferrin, on display at the 75th Anniversary Batman exhibit at the Warner Bros. Studios VIP Tour Museum on July 29, 2014.

Batman Forever movie poster
Batman Forever riddler poster
Whereas Tim Burton created a whole dark and brooding gothic Gotham City, Joel Schumacher's version was a far more candy-coated, neon extravaganza, with all the glitz and gaudiness of the Las Vegas Strip.

This was without a doubt reflected in the costume designs, especially The Riddler's return to spandex tights, harkening back to the camp 1960's Batman television show version played by Frank Gorshin.

Original movie costume worn by Jim Carrey 
as The Riddler in Batman Forever
Jim Carrey Batman Forever Riddler costume
Jim Carrey The Riddler Batman Forever movie costume
Riddler Batman Forever movie costume detail
Riddler Batman Forever movie costume Box prop
In Batman Forever, Jim Carrey plays The Riddler's alter-ego, 'Edward Nygma' ('E. Nygma'), a researcher at Wayne Enterprises who invents 'The Box' (as shown above next to the villain in green), which can beam signals to and from the human brain to enhance the TV viewing experience. His invention takes a sinister turn when he starts reading the thoughts and feeding on the minds of Gotham, becoming more intelligent, and that's when the Dynamic Duo has to stop him and his partner in crime, Two-Face.

Original Two-Face costume worn by Tommy Lee Jones 
in Batman Forever
Tommy Lee Jones Batman Forever Two-Face costume
Tommy Lee Jones Batman Forever Two-Face movie costume
Two-Face Batman Forever movie costume
Two-Face Batman Forever costume shoe
2008's The Dark Knight may have seen Aaron Eckhart bring Gotham City's District Attorney 'Harvey Dent' aka 'Two-Face' to life on the big screen, but Tommy Lee Jones was the first person to play the coin-flipping split-personality arch foe, after a mob boss attack with acid to his face left him physically and psychologically damaged.

If you want to see more fantastic costume examples from Batman's rogues gallery, be sure to also check out Danny DeVito's Penguin movie costume and Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman catsuit from Batman Returns.

Stick around for more heroic costumes from Batman Forever, plus original screen-used props featured in the movie too.

Batman Forever movie poster
Batman Forever two face poster
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