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Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman costume and Michael Keaton's Bat-suit from Batman Returns on display...

In 1992's Batman Returns, Michael Keaton reprised his role as the Caped Crusader to face double the villainous threat of Danny DeVito's 'The Penguin' and Michelle Pfeiffer's sexy 'Catwoman'. Aside from a legion of penguins with rockets strapped to their backs, one of the most memorable things from Tim Burton's movie sequel had to be the shiny, slinky dominatrix-style catsuit worn by the whip-weilding villainess. I loved it.

Original Catwoman catsuit worn by Michelle Pfeiffer 
in Batman Returns
Original Catwoman costume Batman Returns
Batman Returns Catwoman costume
Batman Returns Catwoman catsuit
Batman Returns Catwoman costume
Batman Returns Catwoman costume detail
Michelle Pfeiffer Batman Returns Catwoman catsuit
Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman catsuit Batman Returns
Catwoman costume 1992 Batman Returns
This fantastic original costume (apparently one of more than 40 catsuits made during the production of the movie at $1,000 a piece) was photographed on display at the Batman 75th Anniversary Exhibition at the Warner Bros. Studios VIP Tour on July 29, 2014.

Inspired by the DC Comics character, the black skin-tight latex costume was designed by Bob Ringwood and Mary Vogt, with the inclusion of the stitches the inspiration of director Tim Burton (you can see this influence in many of his other quirky character designs). The catsuit was made from a body cast of the actress, who had to be coated in baby powder each time she was sewn into the suit and once on the costume was brushed with thick liquid silicon to give it that shiny, fluid quality. The suit was custom-made by L.A.'s Syren Couture.

In the movie Catwoman's alter-ego 'Selina Kyle' starts as shy secretary, who discovers the plot by her business tycoon boss, 'Max Shreck' (Christopher Walken), to build a power plant to steal the electricity of Gotham City. To keep his secret he pushed her out a window seemingly killing her, but she was mysteriously revived by some alley cats, and she returned home to create her handmade catsuit to seek revenge on her killer.

Batman Returns movie poster
Batman Returns movie poster
If you like this catsuit, be sure to compare it to Anne Hathaway's Catwoman costume from The Dark Knight Rises, which was equally slinky, but with far less of a fetish feel.

Michael Keaton's costume also got an update in the sequel as has Bat-suit was much more angular, compared to the muscled version, whilst still retaining the iconic yellow bat emblem and utility belt to add some colour to the black ensemble.

Original Bat-suit worn by Michael Keaton 
in 1992's Batman Returns
Original Michael Keaton Bat-suit Batman Returns
Original 1992 Batman Returns costume
The Batman Returns costume was made from a thinner, slightly more flexible form of rubber, but the actor still had the same problems with the cowl, which still prevented him from turning his head.

Be sure to also compare this Bat-suit to the 1989 Batman costume and take a look at the Batmobile featured in the Tim Burton movies.

Stay tuned for a closer look at one of Danny Devito's costumes as The Penguin in Batman Returns.

Batman Returns movie poster
Batman Returns movie poster

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