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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mr. Freeze sub-zero armour from Batman & Robin on display...

1997's Batman & Robin killed the film franchise for several years, mainly caused by Joel Schumacher's camp-factor going into overdrive, the inclusion of too many villains and heroes (a problem rife in the comic book movie genre), plus yet another newcomer playing the Caped Crusader, in the form of George Clooney. But of all the costumes and props on display at the Batman 75th Anniversary Exhibit at Warner Bros. Studios VIP Tour Museum on July 29, 2014, the fantastical creations from this fourth movie installment were still by far my favourites.

Original sub-zero suit of armour worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger 
as Mr. Freeze in 1997's Batman & Robin
Arnold Schwarzenegger Mr. Freeze Batman and Robin movie costume
Batman and Robin movie costume prop exhibit
Mr. Freeze sub-zero armour Batman & Robin
The costume that really captivated my attention though was this illuminated massive suit of armour worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger as 'Mr. Freeze' in the movie, now this is one original film costume I would love to wear for Halloween or at a convention.

Batman & Robin movie poster
Batman & Robin movie poster
Ingrid Ferrin and Robert Turturice were Costume Designers on this movie sequel and apparently it took Arnold Schwarzengger around six hours each day to get into his makeup and wardrobe for the role. Let's face it, when you're being payed $25 million to star in a movie, you have to put up with a little discomfort.

Mr. Freeze sub-zero movie costume detail
Schwarzenegger Mr Freeze Batman Robin film costume
Mr Freeze costume detail Batman Robin
Original Mr Freeze cryo suit Batman Robin
Mr Freeze glove costume detail Batman Robin
Mr Freeze gun prop Batman & Robin movie
Mr Freeze costume boots Batman and Robin
Mr Freeze suit of armour Batman Robin movie
In this movie version 'Victor Fries' aka 'Mr. Freeze' is a Nobel-winning molecular biologist who has turned to a life of crime, armed with his freezing gun, in order to cure his wife 'Nora' of her terminal illness.

Even though the super villain looked incredible in his cryo-suit and is supposed to be a brilliant scientist, it doesn't stop him from spouting ridiculous corny one-liners during the entire movie, like "All right everyone, chill" and "You're not sending me to the cooler".

If you're a fan of the action hero and former Governor of California, be sure to also check out this life-size Arnold Schwarzenegger cyborg from Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Stay tuned for more awesome movie costumes from 1997's Batman & Robin in the days to come.

Batman & Robin movie poster
Batman and Robin Villains movie poster
Go further behind-the-scenes of the movie with this book: Batman & Robin: The Making of the Movie

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