Thursday, January 23, 2014

Movie and TV treasures on display at Universal Studios Hollywood in January 2014...

With it being a New Year and January quickly speeding by, I thought it was about time that I visited Universal Studio Hollywood's ever-changing costume and prop exhibit to see what delights from the big and small screen were currently on display.

Original costumes and props from TV and film on display 
at the NBC Universal Experience exhibit
NBC Universal Experience movie costume prop exhibit
NBC Universal Experience costume exhibit
costume prop exhibit Universal Studios Hollywood
Original Universal Studios movie costume props
NBC Universal Experience costume prop exhibit
I'm pleased to report that there were many new treasures to enjoy from new films and old TV favourites alike, from the world of comedy, action, sci-fi, period drama, sports and more.

Original movie costumes from Bridesmaids and 
Rock Hudson's jacket from TV's McMillan & Wife series
Bridesmaids movie costumes
Rock Hudson McMillan Wife TV show jacket
In addition to the 'hero' DeLorean car from the Back to the Future movies still on display, there were costumes worn by Melissa McCarthy and Maya Rudolph in the hilarious comedy Bridesmaids from 2011.

Plus a jacket worn by screen legend, Rock Hudson, as 'Police Commissioner Stewart "Mac" McMillan' in the 1970's crime television series, McMillan & Wife, with Burton Miller being the Series Costume Designer.

Heroes and House M.D. TV series props on display
Heroes House MD TV props
House MD Dr Wilson Teddy Bear prop
House MD TV props
More recent TV treasures came in the form of props used by Hayden Panettiere as cheerleader 'Claire Bennet' in the superhuman series, Heroes (which ran from 2006 to 2010), and a cute teddy bear prop from House M.D. (which ran from 2004 to 2012).

If you're a fan of these shows, you can also check out Hayden Panettiere's cheerleader outfit from Heroes and other original props from the series, plus costumes and props from House M.D. on display from previous visits to the NBC Universal Experience attraction.

That's just some of the original costumes and props from the film and television studios extensive archives from past and present, so be sure to come back and take a look in more detail at these other delights in the days to come:

Oscar-nominated costume worn by Amanda Seyfried as Cosette in Les Misérables
Taye Diggs costume and film props from The Best Man Holiday
Nathan Fillion's Mal Reynolds costume from Serenity
Costume robe from Syfy's Caprica
Original Bridesmaids movie costumes
Simon Pegg's police uniform from Hot Fuzz
Matthew McConaughey's costume and Enigma Machine prop from U-571
Kate Bosworth's surfing costume and surf board from Blue Crush
Lea Seydoux's period costume and models from 2010's Robin Hood
Mary Steenburgen's Old West gown from Back to the Future III
Costume and props from the Fast & Furious movies

There really is a great variety of film genres, plus lots of different types of clothing and interesting models and props on display. You can actually hear the visitors gasp as they see all the different items and make a connection with a favourite actor, movie or TV show.
Universal Studios Hollywood movie costume exhibit
As a special treat, here's another blast from the past from a previous visit to the NBC Universal Experience attraction, a model miniature from the 1981 TV mini-series, Masada, which starred Peter O'Toole and Peter Strauss. The story was inspired by the siege of the Masada citadel in Israel by Roman Empire legions in AD 73, hence the need for a siege tower.

Siege Tower miniature from TV's Masada
Siege Tower miniature Masada
Masada Siege Tower miniature
Masada Siege Tower miniature
You know every time I visit I always think it's a real shame more film and television studios don't have exhibits from their vaults that are open to the public in this way, and that allow photography, as I'm sure there's more than a market for it judging by visitors to my blog alone.

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