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Bridesmaids movie costumes worn by Melissa McCarthy and Maya Rudolph...

2011's Bridesmaids was one of the last movies I watched where I almost split my sides and was literally gasping for breath from laughing so much, so I was extremely excited to see these original outfits from the hit female cast comedy on display at Universal Studios Hollywood on January 23, 2014.

Original Bridesmaids movie costumes on display
Original Megan Lillian Bridesmaids movie costumes
Bridesmaids movie costumes
Bridesmaids film costumes
Original Bridesmaids movie costumes Universal Studios Hollywood
Melissa McCarthy Maya Rudolph Bridesmaids movie costumes
Bridesmaids movie costume exhibit
It seems only fitting that for a film about someone getting married there should be at least one wedding dress on display, and since Melissa McCarthy stole the show in her breakout performance as 'Megan', it's great to also see one of her outfits as part of the NBC Universal Experience exhibit in the theme park's Lower Lot.

Bridesmaids movie poster
Bridesmaids movie poster
In the romantic comedy written by Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo, Melissa McCarthy plays the scene-stealing future sister-in-law, 'Megan', of bride-to-be, 'Lillian' (Maya Rudolph).

Outfit worn by Melissa McCarthy as Megan in Bridesmaids
Melissa McCarthy Bridesmaids Megan costume
Bridesmaids Megan costume fish belt-buckle
The actress wears this outfit when she has a heart to heart with Kristin Wiig's character 'Annie Walker', and confesses that taking nine puppy bridal shower favours may have been three too many.

Original Lady St. Petsios JuJu wedding dress worn by 
Maya Rudolph as Lillian Donovan in Bridesmaids
Bridesmaids Lady St Petsios JuJu wedding dress
Bridesmaids rejected Lillian wedding dress
Maya Rudolph Bridesmaids rejected Lillian wedding dress
Bridesmaids Lillian wedding dress
Bridesmaids Lady St Petsios JuJu wedding gown
Leesa Evans was one of the Costume Designers on the movie (alongside Christine Wada) and was responsible for the design of Maya Rudolph's rejected hideous wedding dress by the fictional fashion designer, 'Lady St. Petsios JuJu'.

If this gown isn't your style, maybe you should check out this wedding dress from 1991's Father of the BrideMia Wasikowska's period wedding dress from 2011's Jane Eyre or maybe even the otherworldly Dejah Thoris wedding outfit from John Carter.

I'm not the biggest fans of comedies, but seeing these original costumes from Bridesmaids was a real treat and made me want to watch the movie again and revisit those funny characters.

Watch the movie now: Bridesmaids

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