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Costumes and props from Doctor Who's The Snowmen Christmas special...

If like me you loved last year's Doctor Who Christmas Day episode, The Snowmen, then you'll love this selection of original costumes and props featured in the seasonal special on display at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay on May 20, 2013, which will hopefully get you in the festive mood with the Holidays fast approaching.

Original costumes and props from the 
Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Special The Snowmen
Doctor Who The Snowmen costumes props
Snowman prop Doctor Who The Snowmen
Matt Smith Doctor Who The Snowmen costume
Doctor Simeon costume Doctor Who The Snowmen
Original Doctor Who Snowmen costumes props
In this special episode broadcast on Christmas Day 2012, the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) faced off against 'Doctor Simeon', deadly animated snowmen and the 'Great Intelligence' in the Victorian era with the help of 'Clara Oswald', the Silurian detective 'Madame Vastra', her human wife 'Jenny Flint' and their Sontaran butler 'Strax'.

If you like these outfits and props, be sure to check out these other original costumes and props from previous Doctor Who Christmas Specials, including the fantastic Wooden King and Queen from The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe from 2011.

The Snowmen Doctor Who Christmas Special 2012 poster
Snowmen Doctor Who Christmas 2012 poster
In this festive episode Matt Smith's Doctor is brooding in Victorian London after the loss of his Companions 'Amy Pond' and 'Rory Williams' in 'The Angels Take Manhattan', fortunately he is forced out of hiding to investigate some mysterious, sentient snowmen and introduces his new Companion 'Clara' along with a newly designed TARDIS interior.

Costume worn by Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor in The Snowmen
Matt Smith Eleventh Doctor Who costume The Snowmen
Eleventh Doctor Who Victorian costume Snowmen
Eleventh Doctor Who Victorian costume The Snowmen
Matt Smith Eleventh Doctor Who The Snowmen costume
Eleventh Doctor Who The Snowmen costume
Eleventh Doctor Who costume Snowmen Christmas 2012
Howard Burden is series Costume Designer responsible for creating the Victorian period looks, including the one-off outfit sported by the Doctor, his friends and adversary.

The darker tones and fabrics, plus more formal tailoring of his Victorian England-inspired costume was meant to reflect the somber mood of the doctor during his 'retirement' from action.

Original costume worn by Richard E. Grant 
as Doctor Simeon in The Snowmen
Richard E Grant Doctor Simeon costume Doctor Who Snowmen
Doctor Simeon costume Doctor Who Snowmen
Doctor Who Snowmen Dr Simeon Victorian costume
Doctor Who The Snowmen Dr Simeon costume
In this Christmas special the role of dastardly 'Dr. Walter Simeon' was played by the familiar Richard E. Grant. He was the proprietor of the G.I. Institute and an unwitting pawn of The Great Intelligence and had been since childhood.

Behind the actor's costume you can also see the huge, glass snow-globe prop which housed The Great Intelligence, with the snow within moving and swirling to mimic Doctor Simeon's emotional state.

Victorian barmaid outfit worn by Jenna-Louise Coleman 
as Clara Oswald in The Snowmen
In this episode we are also properly introduced to the Doctor's newest and most mysterious Companion, who had sneakily appeared previously in a different incarnation in the seventh season opener 'Asylum of the Daleks'. This 'Clara Oswald', played by Jenna Coleman, was a gutsy barmaid (and this was her costume), who also worked as a rather unorthodox governess for a rich family.

Original costume worn by Neve McIntosh 
as Madame Vastra in The Snowmen
Doctor Who has always been a progressive TV series and in this special Neve McIntosh reprised her role as the lesbian Silurian warrior (belonging to a reptilian race and the cold-blooded predecessors of humanity), 'Madame Vastra', who had previously appeared in the sixth season episode 'A Good Man Goes to War'.

She has a 'Sherlock Holmes and Watson' detective style relationship with her human female companion 'Jenny Flint'. Plus along with the Sontaran clone 'Strax' the trio are sometimes known as the 'Paternoster Gang', a group of detectives active in Victorian London named after Paternoster Row.

This is the cloaked Victorian costume she wears in The Snowmen and she often wears a veil over her face to hide her reptilian nature.

If you're a fellow Whovian, be sure to check out more original costumes and props from Doctor Who on display as we countdown to the next regeneration of the Doctor, from Matt Smith into Peter Capaldi.

A whole new universe of space-time adventures awaits.

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