Thursday, June 6, 2013

Alexander Skarsgård's Battleship dress whites and torpedo prop on display...

In 2012's big screen adaptation of Hasbro's Battleship board game, Alexander Skarsgård starred as 'Commander Stone Hopper', in charge of the Arleigh Burke class destroyer, USS Sampson.

Original costume and torpedo prop from Battleship on display
Original Battleship costume prop
Alexander Skarsgard Battleship dress whites
Commander Stone Hopper Battleship dress whites
Universal Studios costumes props
The Naval uniform worn by the Swedish actor, plus a destroyer torpedo prop, were photographed on display at Universal Studios Hollywood alongside a dazzling array of original costumes and movie memorabilia on May 7, 2013.

Battleship movie billboard
Battleship billboard ad
In the movie an international fleet of ships go up against an invading alien armada while on Naval war games exercises in Hawaii. Not everyone makes it out alive.
Naval dress whites worn by Alexander Skarsgård 
as Commander Stone Hopper in Battleship
Alexander Skarsgård Commander Hopper Battleship costume
Commander Hopper Battleship Naval costume
Alexander Skarsgård Battleship dress whites
Battleship Alexander Skarsgård uniform
Battleship movie exhibit
Louise Mingenbach and Kim Tillman were responsible for Costume Design on the sci-fi military action movie.

If you like this costume and torpedo, be sure to check out these other actual props featured in Battleship previously exhibited at the NBC Universal Experience theme park attraction.

Battleship movie billboard
Battleship movie billboard
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