Monday, April 22, 2013

Iron Man 3 Mark I suit on display...

In addition to the latest Mark 42 armour from Iron Man 3 currently display at Disneyland in Anaheim, you can also find seven of Tony Stark's other suits, including his original suit that the playboy billionaire used to escape his captors in the first solo Iron Man movie.

Iron Man Mark I suit from Iron Man 3 on display
Iron Man 3 Mark I suit DIsneyland
Iron Man Mark I suit
Iron Man 3 Hall of Armor Disneyland Innoventions
Iron Man Mark I armour
The many suits of the armoured Avenger feature in the Hall of Armour set piece from Tony Stark's Malibu mansion in Iron Man 3 (which by the looks of things, gets blown up by Iron Man's arch-foe 'The Mandarin' in the movie).

Stark Industries presents Iron Man Tech at Tomorrowland's Innoventions
Stark Industries logo
Though probably not the original suit featured in the 2008 movie that kickstarted the whole new Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's still pretty cool to see the detail of the Iron Man Mark I armour up close and in person.

Classic Iron Man Mark I movie armour
Iron Man Mark I suit
Iron Man MarkI armor
Classic Iron Man Mark I suit
Iron Man Mark I helmet
Iron Man Mark I movie costume
Iron Man Mark I suit
If you like this classic design, be sure to check out the newest Iron Man 3 Mark 42 suit on display in all its glory.

Original Iron Man suit Mark I chest plate 
Iron Man Mark I chestplate
Also on display within Tomorrowland's Innoventions attraction near the full-size suit on April 17, 2013, was this piece of the Mark I chest plate, which I believe is an original piece from the first movie.

Iron Man 3 movie poster
Iron Man 3 teaser poster
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Buy the Iron Man Mark I action figure: Iron Man 2 Hall of Armor Collection Figure - MARK I w/Base

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