Monday, March 4, 2013

Tina Fey's Liz Lemon pyjamas from 30 Rock on display...

Amongst the costumes and props at the NBC Universal Experience exhibit at Universal Studios Hollywood on February 7, 2013 were these fun pyjamas worn by Tina Fey as 'Liz Lemon' in 30 Rock.

Women's pyjamas worn by Tina Fey in 30 Rock
Tina Fey Liz Lemon 30 Rock pyjamas
Liz Lemon 30 Rock Corporate Crush pyjamas
NBC Universal Experience TV movie costumes
Tina Fey Liz Lemon 30 Rock pyjamas
The sitcom ran for seven seasons from 2006 to 2013 and Tom Broecker was Series Costume Designer at the time that the Golden Globe-winning actress wore this outfit in the first season episode entitled 'Corporate Crush'.

If you like these, be sure to check out the other original costumes, models and props on display at Universal Studios Hollywood this February.

30 Rock TV poster
30 Rock TV poster
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