Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Universal Studios Hollywood costumes, models and props on display in June 2010...

To my delight the movie costume, model and prop exhibit at Universal Studios Hollywood now features a totally fresh array of memorabilia and outfits from famous films since my last visit in February 2010.

Universal Studios Experience exhibit June 2010
Universal Studios movie costumes
Over the next few days Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props will feature new cinematic items from the worlds of sci-fi, horror, animation, comedy, fantasy, adventure and more, with creations from both the big and small screen.

Original costumes and props on display at Universal Studios Hollywood
Original Universal Studios movie costumes
Universal Studios movie models
You'll see costumes and props from the following films and television shows:

An animatronic werewolf and original costumes from The Wolfman

Original costumes worn on the big and small screen
Universal Studios actual movie costumesUniversal Studios Movie and TV costumes
You can also search through the archives to see what other movie costumes, props, models and vehicles have been on display at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Come back tomorrow for more exciting behind-the-scenes secrets from Universal Studios.

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