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Original Meryl Streep and Amy Adams movie costumes from Julie & Julia...

The movie Julie & Julia is based on two memoirs of Julia Child and Julie Powell.
Original Julie & Julia movie costumes
Original Julie & Julia movie costume display
ArcLight Sherman Oaks cinema Julie & Julia costume display
American Julia Child, played by Meryl Streep, is widely recognised for introducing mainstream America to French cooking and the film follows her time in the 1940's and 1950's when she lived in Paris, France, with her diplomat husband, Paul.

Actual film costume worn by Meryl Streep as Julia Child
Actual Meryl Streep Julia Child movie costume
Original Julie & Julia movie outfits
Texan Julie Powell, played by Amy Adams, famously attempted a culinary challenge, the 'Julie/Julia Project', to cook all 524 recipes in Julia Child's 'Mastering the Art of French Cooking'. Her efforts in the kitchen became a popular web blog and were later published as a book.

Original movie costume worn by Amy Adams as Julie Powell
Amy Adams actual Julie & Julia movie costume
Actual Julie & Julia film costumes
Amy Adams actual Julie Powell movie costume
Both women's stories now form the basis of the new movie Julie & Julia by Nora Ephron, released on August 7, 2009.

Julie & Julia movie billboard
Julie & Julia movie billboard
These photographs of the fantastic costumes worn by Meryl Streep and Amy Adams were on display in the cinema foyer at ArcLight Sherman Oaks on July 28, 2009.

On the left is 'Julia Childs' vintage 1940's dress worn by Streep at the beginning of the movie in Paris. On the right 'Julie Powell's' modern day dress, worn when she hosts a dinner party on the rooftop to celebrate cooking her final recipe from the cookbook, the boneless duck.

Julie & Julia movie outfits from different eras
Original Julie & Julia movie costumes
Julie & Julia film costumes at ArcLight Sherman Oaks
Finally enjoy this short video clip for more detail on the original costumes.

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  1. Who designed or what label is Julie's final white dress?

  2. I'm sorry I don't know, can anyone help with this?

  3. Those costumes are beautiful. I loved the movie Julie and Julia. Does anyone else agree with me that Meryl Streep's waist is so tiny? She is such a beautiful woman. She is my favorite actress and icon as well. I look up to her.

  4. Who made the white dress??? I LOVE it!

  5. I've spent the past 2 hours searching the internet for this white dress and who made it. I would like to wear it as my wedding dress. This is as close as I came to trying to find the designer... and no one knows...=(

  6. Well I know that the film's costume designer was Ann Roth and the studio was Columbia Pictures (part of Sony Pictures), so maybe their press Office could help?

    Alternatively have you tried posting a question on the facebook fan page for the other fans to help?


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