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Mercy Street season one TV costumes on display...

The period medical drama Mercy Street is set in America's Civil War in 1862 and follows two volunteer nurses from opposite sides of the conflict, 'Nurse Mary Phinney' (Mary Elizabeth Winsted) and 'Emma Green' (Hannah James) who work at Mansion House Hospital in Alexandria, Virginia.

Original season one costumes from Mercy Street
Mercy Street costume exhibit
Mercy Street season 1 costumes
Mercy Street TV costumes
Mercy Street costumes
This display of costumes from the show's first season was photographed at Downtown L.A.'s FIDM Museum on August 9, 2016. Amy Andrews Harrell is Costume Designer, Johann Stegmeir is Assistant Costume Designer and Taneia Lednicky is Costume Supervisor on the wartime hospital drama.

Mrs. Jane Green costume worn by Donna Murphy
in Mercy Street
Jane Green Mercy Street gown
Jane Green Mercy Street gown
Mercy Street Jane Green costume
Donna Murphy Mercy Street Jane Green costume
In the series Donna Murphy plays 'Mrs. Jane Green' the entitled Southern belle whose life is turned upside down when her family's luxury hotel is transformed into a Union Army hospital in Alexandria, a border town between North and South forces.
Nurse Mary Phinney costumes worn by Mary Elizabeth Winstead
in Mercy Street
Mary Elizabeth Winstead Mercy Street Mary Phinney costume
Mercy Street Nurse Mary Phinney costume
Nurse Mary Phinney costume Mercy Street
Elizabeth Mary Winstead plays the New England head nurse, 'Mary Phinney', assigned to the repossessed Green family hotel turned hospital.

Doctor Jedidiah Foster costume worn by Josh Radnor
in Mercy Street
Josh Radnor Mercy Street Dr Jed Foster costume
Josh Radnor stars as 'Dr. Jed Foster' a progressive army surgeon from a privileged Maryland background.

Emma Green costume worn by Hannah James
in Mercy Street
Mercy Street Emma Green costume
Mercy Street Emma Green costume
Emma Green Mercy Street TV costume
Hannah James stars as 'Emma Green', a young, naive Confederate belle who volunteered at the makeshift hospital as an act of rebellion against her privileged family.

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Mercy Street TV poster
Mercy Street TV poster
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