Monday, October 3, 2016

Corpse Bride stop-motion puppets on display...

If you need something to help start getting you in the Halloween spirit, then maybe these stop-motion animation puppets from Tim Burton's 2005 movie, Corpse Bride, can help. These ghoulish figures used in the movie were photographed on display at Warner Bros. Studios Backlot Tour on June 9, 2016.

Original stop-motion puppets from Corpse Bride
Corpse Bride stopmotion animation puppets
Corpse Bride stop-motion animation puppets
Corpse Bride stopmotion puppet characters
Emily Corpse Bride stop-motion puppet
Emily Corpse Bride stop-motion puppet
Emily Corpse Bride stopmotion puppet
Victor Van Dort Corpse Bride stopmotion puppet
Victor Corpse Bride stopmotion puppet
Corpse Bride stop-motion puppets
Victoria Corpse Bride stop-motion puppet
Bonejangles Corpse Bride stop-motion puppet
Corpse Bride undead stopmotion puppets
Scraps Corpse Bride stop-motion dog puppet
Corpse Bride stopmotion Barkis Bittern puppet
Corpse Bride stopmotion animation puppets
In the weird and wonderful film set in the late 1800s in a Victorian village, shy groom 'Victor Van Dort' (voiced by Johnny Depp) goes to the woods to practice his wedding vows to his soon-to-be-bride, 'Victoria Everglot' (Emily Watson), but inadvertently marries a deceased young woman named 'Emily' (Helena Bonham Carterwho rises from her grave to be his Corpse Bride.

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Corpse Bride movie poster
Corpse Bride movie poster
Buy the movie: Tim Burton's Corpse Bride (Widescreen Edition)

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