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10 Femme fatale women's costume ideas for Halloween 2014...

This past twelve months since last year's Halloween celebrations I've had the good fortune to see many wonderful original outfits worn by some of Hollywood's leading ladies and more than a few iconic heroine and female villain costumes from the big and small screen. I myself indulged my inner geek at West Hollywood's annual Halloween Carnaval as a zombie bride in honour of my wedding last year and my love of The Walking Dead TV show. If that's not your cup of tea, be sure to check out these ten costumes from different genres spied at exhibits around L.A. for some Halloween inspiration (because it's never too early to start pulling your look together).

Maleficent Christening Curse movie costume
This year Disney cleverly cast Angelina Jolie as the perfect 'Maleficent' and brought the untold origin of Sleeping Beauty's nemesis to the big screen. This translation of the dark fairy's iconic christening curse costume by Anna B. Sheppard was spotted on display at the El Capitan Theatre in June this year.

If you were a fan of the live-action movie, be sure to check out these other original costumes and props from Maleficent on display.

Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy movie costume
Guardians of the Galaxy continues to be the surprise hit of the Summer with it's unique mix of humour, action and sci-fi, grossing over $586 million to date, so it wouldn't surprise me if there were more than a few green-skinned Gamoras trick or treating, or partying on Halloween this year.

Zoe Saldana may have portrayed the universe's most dangerous woman, but her alien fashion designed by Alexandra Byrne also helped bring the cosmic Marvel heroine to life, like this outfit on display at ArcLight Sherman Oaks cinema when the movie opened in August.

Buy the 'Gamora' fancy dress costume: Disguise Women's Marvel Guardians Of The Galaxy Gamora Deluxe Costume, Black/Green, Small/4-6

Lady Sif
Lady Sif Thor Dark World movie costume
Jaimie Alexander appeared in both Thor movies and also guest-starred as 'Lady Sif' on an Asgardian-themed episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., so it was a thrill to see her battle armour costume on display at ArcLight Sherman Oaks in November last year.

What's more, I also got to meet Jaimie Alexander in person for a publicity signing for the first Thor movie at Golden Apple Comics store back in 2011.

If you're looking for a strong Marvel warrior woman costume this Halloween, this is the ensemble designed for the big screen by Wendy Partridge is the one for you.

Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy Batman Robin movie costume
In addition to more recent comic book movie costumes, I also had the opportunity to check out the Batman 75th Anniversary exhibit at Warner Bros. Studios VIP Tour Museum this July which contained a treasure trove of original costumes and props from all seven Batman movies to date.

Even though 1997's Batman & Robin was a bit of a stinker, I loved seeing the rather fabulous costumes from the movie designed by Ingrid Ferrin and Robert Turturice, including one of Uma Thurman's 'Poison Ivy' costumes, which would be the perfect villain chic look for any comic or cosplay convention or Halloween party.

Catwoman Batman Returns costume
Speaking of Batman's rogues gallery, one of the highlights of the exhibition was Michelle Pfeiffer's sexy 'Catwoman' catsuit provocatively posed.

This skin-tight, slightly S&M black latex costume was designed for Tim Burton's 1992 sequel, Batman Returns, by Bob Ringwood and Mary Vogt. This outfit is a bit of a costume masterpiece and would certainly be a head turner.

Batgirl movie costume Batman & Robin
If you're looking to be a superheroine this year, then maybe Alicia Silverstone's 'Batgirl' movie costume from Batman & Robin will inspire you.

I loved how because the costumes were out from behind display glass cases you could see every detail of the outfits, plus the hair and waxwork features were a nice touch too to help imagine the entire look.

Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Elizabeth I Doctor Who costume
If comic book and fantasy movies are not your thing, maybe this fantastic Queen Elizabeth I period gown from Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, is the inspiration you are looking for.

Joanna Page starred as the English royal from centuries past and the ornate dress was designed by series costumer, Howard Burden.

If this is your kind of film fashion, be sure to explore more period gowns and outfits from movies such as The Duchess, Anna Karenina, Les Misérables, Jane Eyre and more here at Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props.

Doctor Who's River Song
River Song Doctor Who costume
If you're a fellow Whovian, then you'll probably love this adventurous 'River Song' costume worn by Alex Kingston in the two-part finale of Doctor Who's fifth season, 'The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang'.

Ray Holman was Series Costume Designer on these particular episodes of the beloved British science fiction show, but both costumes were on display at the Doctor Who Experience exhibition in Cardiff Bay, Wales in December 2013.

Back to the Future Part III's Clara Clayton
Clara Clayton gown Back to the Future Part 3
For more time-traveling inspiration, what about this Western festival dance gown worn by Mary Steenburgen as 'Clara Clayton' in 1990's Back to the Future Part III movie.

This Old West look plus other Clara Clayton Western costumes designed by Joanna Johnston were photographed on display at Universal Studios Hollywood theme park's ever-changing costume and prop archive exhibit with treasures from the big and small screen.

American Hustle's Sydney Prosser dress
Sydney Prosser American Hustle 70s dress
And finally, some inspiration from a more recent time and this plunging 70's dazzling disco dress worn by Amy Adams as 'Sydney Prosser' in American Hustle was quite possibly the most fabulous outfit of the year.

Michael Wilkinson was responsible for creating the 70's era looks of the fashion in the David O'Russell movie and if you like this dress, be sure to also check out Jennifer Lawrence's retro costume from American Hustle too.

Hopefully all these different looks have given you some ideas, but if nothing here inspired you, be sure to also check out these Halloween costume ideas from the movies and TV from last year.

Get making, shopping and hunting for your perfect Halloween look before it's too late.

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