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Clive Owen's costume and film props from Children of Men...

Before the Oscar-winning outer space thrills of Gravity, Alfonso Cuarón made his name with such sci-fi delights as 2006's dystopian futuristic tale, Children of Men.

Original costume and screen-used props from Children of Men
Original Children of Men movie costume props
Children of Men movie props
The film, set in a chaotic 2027 Britain, starred Clive Owen as a former activist who agrees to transport a very important pregnant woman to a sanctuary at sea, in a world where women are thought infertile.

Children of Men movie poster
Children of Men movie poster
Jany Temime was Costume Designer on this futuristic movie and you can also see her costumes in the Harry Potter movies from the third installment onwards, plus more recently in 007's SkyFall and Gravity.

Costume worn by Clive Owen as Theo Faron in Children on Men
Clive Owen Children of Men Theo Faron costume
Clive Owen Children of Men Theo Faron costume
Children of Men Clive Owen costume film props
The London Olympics 2012 logo featured on Clive Owen's sweater is far nicer than the actual ugly design they chose for the real games.

In addition to one of Clive Owen's outfits from the film, the exhibit at Universal Studios Hollywood on April 15, 2014, also included a selection of screen-used props from the movie from a world where fuel was rationed, amongst other things, in a militarized police state.

Original Children of Men movie props
Screen-used Children of Men film props
Children of Men ration book movie prop
Children of Men fuel voucher film prop
The display also includes the ping pong ball that Clive Owen and Julianne Moore (as his estranged American wife 'Julian') pass from mouth to mouth in a game to entertain themselves in their car.

If you like these props, be sure to also take a look at this really cool animatronic baby featured in Children of Men.

Children of Men movie poster
Children of Men movie poster
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