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Alien and monster costumes from David Tennant's Doctor Who incarnation...

As we wait with eager anticipation for Peter Capaldi's new take on Doctor Who, here's a look back at some of the aliens, monsters and allies that David Tennant's 'Tenth Doctor' encountered on his travels through time and space (along with some blasts from the past too).

Original creature costume and props from Doctor Who on display
Doctor Who aliens exhibit
Ood Abzorbaloff Winder costumes Doctor Who
Doctor Who Experience costume prop exhibit
Doctor Who Sontaran costume exhibit
Doctor Who Cybermen costume exhibit
Doctor Who alien creature exhibit
Doctor Who Scarecrow Hath K-1 robot exhibit
This collection of classic and new friends and foes from 50 years of the Time Lord were photographed on display at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay, Wales on May 20 and December 9, 2013. For a closer look at some of the Doctor's classic enemies, check out these Ice Warrior costumes, Cybermen costumes and Sontaran costumes in more detail.

One of my favourite additions to the Whoniverse from the Doctor Who revival era is 'The Face of Boe', who first appeared during Christopher Eccleston's first and only season as the 'Ninth Doctor' aboard Platform One in 2005's 'The End of the World', but returned to aid David Tennant's Tenth Doctor and died in 2007's 'Gridlock'.

The Face of Boe from Doctor Who
Face of Boe Doctor Who exhibit
Face of Boe Doctor Who prop
Doctor Who Face of Boe prop
Doctor Who Face of Boe
This over-sized tentacled long-lived head truly is an alien-looking creature, and it was revealed in 'Last of the Time Lords' episode that Boe is in fact the immortal 'Captain Jack Harkness' of the future.

Abzorbaloff creature costume from Doctor Who Love & Monsters
Doctor Who Abzorbaloff creature costume
Doctor Who Abzorbaloff costume
Abzorbaloff costume Doctor Who
Abzorbaloff costume Doctor Who Love & Monsters
Another striking creature that troubled the Tenth Doctor was the Abzorbaloff, played by British comedian Peter Kay, in 2006's second season episode, Love & Monsters.

This alien was actually the winning design in a Blue Peter TV show competition, won by 9-year-old William Grantham, and had the ability to absorb people into its hideous body, including the members of LINDA (London Investigative 'N' Detective Agency) an amateur group dedicated to finding the Doctor.

Hath costume from The Doctor's Daughter
Hath alien costume Doctor Who
Hath creature costume Doctor Who
Hath alien Doctor Who
Doctor Who Hath alien costume
Doctor Who Hath alien costume
You have to give the new series of Doctor Who credit for their alien designs, which have come a  long way from the wobbly sets and low budgets of when I used to watch it as a child. This fish-like bipedal alien race has a special breathing apparatus to enable them to survive in an atmosphere suitable for humans. The Doctor and his Companions 'Donna Noble' and 'Martha Jones' encountered this highly-intelligent race on the planet Messaline in the fourth season episode, 'The Doctor's Daughter', where the Hath were locked in a vicious war with human colonists.

Scarecrow costume from Human Nature and The Family of Blood
Doctor Who Scarecrow costume
Doctor Who Ice Warrior Scarecrow costumes
Scarecrow costume Doctor Who
In 2007's third season two-part 'Human Nature' and 'The Family of Blood' episodes, a memory wiped Doctor and an undercover Martha Jones faced these animated Scarecrow creatures on Earth in 1913 when they hid from the alien body-snatching Family.

If you're a fellow Whovian, be sure to also check out David Tennant's Doctor Who costume and more besides on display at this fantastic exhibit.

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