Thursday, February 6, 2014

Kate Bosworth's costume and surfboard from Blue Crush on display...

2002's Blue Crush saw Kate Bosworth starring alongside Michelle Rodriguez and Sanoe Lake, as female hard-core surfers taking on the waves of Hawaii's infamous North Shore.

Original costume worn by Kate Bosworth as Anne Marie Chadwick
and surfboard prop from Blue Crush
Kate Bosworth Blue Crush surfer costume surfboard
Blue Crush surfer costume surfboard
Kate Bosworth Blue Crush surfing outfit
Kate Bosworth Blue Crush costume bracelet
Blue Crush movie costume prop exhibit
Whilst preparing for the Pipe Masters surfing competition Kate Bosworth's 'Anne Marie' finds herself falling for a American football player, and even though she doesn't win the competition by the film's end, she does attract the attention of sponsor Billabong for their surfing team.

Blue Crush movie poster
Blue Crush movie poster
Susan Matheson was Costume Designer on this sporty movie, and this is the surfing outfit and surfboard used by Kate Bosworth in the film, which were photographed on display at Universal Studios Hollywood on January 23, 2014.

More recently you can also see her movie costumes worn by Tom Cruise and Rosamund Pike in Jack Reacher, plus she was also responsible for the vintage costume looks in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

Watch the movie now: Blue Crush
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  1. Who knows which surfboard she was riding? The brand and the sizes :))