Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sci-fi props from TV's Caprica...

Caprica is the sci-fi spin-off prequel to the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series and instead of instead of humanity fleeing Cylons in space, focused on the city based political, family and corporate history of the Twelve Colonies.

Original props from Caprica on display
Caprica TV show props
Caprica badge prop
Caprica TV props
These props featured in the short-lived TV show were photographed on display at Universal Studios Hollywood on April 26, 2012.

The series primarily follow the stories of the humble 'Adama' and wealthy 'Graystone' families, respectively the father of Galactica's 'Commander Adama' and the creator of the robotic Cylon technology.

Caprica Buccaneer game tickets from Caprica
Caprica ticket props
In the show the Graystones owned the 'Caprica Buccaneers' team who played the futuristic sport of Pyramid.

Holoband props from Caprica
Caprica Holoband props
Caprica Holoband prop
In integral part of the show's premise was the existence of a computer-generated Virtual World which young Colonials, like 'Zoe Graystone', access via holobands to play high risk games or engage in grown-up vices.

If you're a fan of this universe, be sure to check out more original costumes and props from Battlestar Galactica on display.
Caprica TV poster 
Caprica TV poster


  1. Jason, this show was pretty weak. I dont know why the game tickets are so fascinating to me. Sweet stuff

  2. It's always great seeing the little things that help bring a show to life, especially a futuristic series like Caprica (no matter how bad)


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