Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Draco maquette from Dragonheart on display...

One of my favourite pieces of memorabilia on display on my most recent visit to Universal Studios Hollywood's film archive exhibit was this fantastic 'Draco' maquette from the 1996 movie Dragonheart.

Draco maquette from Dragonheart
on display at Universal Studios Hollywood
Draco Dragonheart maquette
Dragonheart Draco movie maquette
In the movie Sean Connery provided the distinctive voice of 'Draco' the last dragon of his kind and Dennis Quaid plays 'Bowen' the dragon-slaying knight.

Dragonheart movie poster
Dragonheart poster
Draco is brought to life in the fantasy adventure by CGI similar to the dinosaurs in 1993's Jurassic Park, but in order to create the computerised dragon, sculptor Pete Conig first made several maquettes for the Director, Rob Cohen, to approve.

Then it was up to visual effects producer, Phil Tippett, who specialized in creature effects and character animation, together with Industrial Light and Magic to bring the CGI dragon to life on screen.

Draco maquette from Dragonheart
Dragonheart Draco maquetteDragonheart Draco movie model
Draco maquette DragonheartDraco maquette Dragonheart movie
Dragonheart Draco maquette
The detail in this dragon model is amazing and pretty cool to see up close in person.
Dragonheart movie poster
Dragonheart movie poster
Watch the movie: Dragonheart

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