Thursday, January 19, 2012

Costumes and props from TV's House M.D. on display...

In addition to all the movie memorabilia on display at Universal Studios Hollywood, you can also see a rotating collection of television costumes and props exhibited from popular shows produced by NBC Universal, past and present.
Original costumes worn by Lisa Edelstein
and Hugh Laurie in House M.D.
House MD costume and prop displayHouse MD TV costumesHouse MD TV outfits
On my last visit on November 30, 2011, they had these original costumes and props from House M.D. on display. Cathy Crandall is Series Costume Designer for the show.

For eight seasons, Hugh Laurie has played the anti-social and arrogant medical genius 'Dr. Gregory House' whose team of diagnostic specialists help solve medical mysteries of the week, whilst being overseen by the Hospital Administrator and Dean of Medicine, 'Dr. Lisa Cuddy' (Lisa Edelstein) at the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey.

In the past House suffered a severe muscle injury in his right leg, hence the use of a cane.
Actual props featured in House M.D. on display
House MD headset propHouse MD props
In addition to Dr. Cuddy's hospital scrubs and House's outfit from the season six episode 'Help Me', there was also this headset prop from the fifth season's 'The Itch' and more beside.
House M.D. TV poster
House MD TV poster


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  2. Thanks Sam, it's always fantastic to get some positive feedback, means I'm not publishing into an internet void.

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