Monday, December 5, 2011

Costumes from comedy, drama and crime movies at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas...

Earlier this year I popped into the Planet Hollywood Cafe in Las Vegas and discovered a veritable treasure trove of movie memorabilia on display. Here's a final selection of costumes from comedies, dramas, thrillers, westerns and even classic movies.
Whoopi Goldberg's outfit from Made in America
Whoopi Goldberg Made in America outfitWhoopi Goldberg Made in America costumeFirst up is this outfit worn by Whoopi Goldberg as 'Sarah Mathews' in the 1993 sperm donor comedy in which she starred with Ted Danson, Made in America, which also featured in the publicity posters for the movie.

Elizabeth McBride was Costume Designer on this movie and she's also known for The Shawshank Redemption, Fried Green Tomatoes and Thelma & Louise.
Made in America movie poster
Made in America movie posterNext up is the costume worn by John Malkovich as the convict 'Cyrus "The Virus" Grisson' in the 1997 action thriller with Nicholas Cage, Con Air.

Prison jumpsuit worn by John Malkovich in Con Air
John Malkovich Con Air prison costume
Bobbie Read was responsible for Costume Design on this prison escape movie and is also known for Bad Boys and The Rock.

Con Air movie poster
Con Air movie poster
Keeping to crime thrillers, the next outfit was worn by Brad Pitt as bad boy and serial killer, 'Early Grayce', in 1993's Kalifornia.

Costume worn by Brad Pitt in Kalifornia
Brad Pitt Kalifornia costume
Costume Design was by Kelle Kutsugeras on the film.

Kalifornia movie poster
Kalifornia movie poster
Next is a coat worn in the 80's classic Working Girl, starring Melanie Griffith as 'Tess McGill'.
Melanie Griffith's coat featured in Working Girl
Melanie Griffith Working Girl coatAnn Roth was Costume Designer on this 1988 movie and later won an Oscar for her work in The English Patient.

Working Girl movie poster
Working Girl movie posterIn the 1994 biopic 8 Seconds, Luke Perry starred as 'Lane Frost', the real-life 1987 PRCA Bull Riding World Champion.

Outfit and leather chaps worn by Luke Perry in 8 Seconds
Luke Perry 8 Seconds movie costumeLuke Perry 8 Seconds leather chaps
This costume and pair of leather chaps were on display on the walls of Planet Hollywood on April 7, 2011 and Deena Appel was Costume Designer on the film, whose work you can also see in the Austin Powers movies.

8 Seconds movie poster
8 Seconds movie poster
Next up is an outfit from 1944's classic To Have and Have Not, which starred Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

Costume from To Have and Have Not on display
Lauren Bacall To Have and Have Not outfitLauren Bacall To Have and Have Not costume
I believe this is one of the outfits worn by Lauren Bacall as'Marie "Slim" Browning' in the romantic wartime thriller. Milo Anderson was responsible for the gowns worn in this movie.

To Have and Have Not movie poster
To Have and Have Not poster
Western legend John Wayne wore this coat in the 1972 movie The Cowboys, which saw his rancher 'Wil Andersen' take on a collection of young boys to get his herd to market when his cattle drivers abandon him.

Coat worn by John Wayne in The Cowboys
John Wayne The Cowboys coat
Anthea Sylbert was Costume Designer on this cowboy movie and her work can also be seen in Rosemary's Baby and Chinatown amongst others.

The Cowboys movie poster
John Wayne The Cowboys poster
Next is the suitcase and a collection of clothes used by Keanu Reeves in 1996's Feeling Minnesota as 'Jjaks Clayton'.

Costumes and props from Feeling Minnesota
Keanu Reeves Feeling Minnesota costume
Eugenie Bafaloukos was Costume Designer on this romantic comedy which also starred Cameron Diaz.

Feeling Minnesota movie poster
Feeling Minnesota movie poster
Finally for this round-up is the white bathrobe that Warren Beatty sports as American gangster 'Bugsy Siegel' who played a large part in making Las Vegas what it became.

Bathrobe worn by Warren Beatty in Bugsy
Warren Beatty Bugsy bathrobe
Albert Wolsky was responsible for Costume Design on this 1991 movie.

Bugsy movie poster
Bugsy movie poster
And if you liked this eclectic collection of clothes seen on the big screen, be sure to also check out these props from sci-fi and fantasy movies on display at Planet Hollywood, plus more fantastic original costumes.

Come back soon for the lastest costumes, models and props on display at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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