Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Toothless Night Fury dragon from How to train your Dragon...

In addition to featuring original film costumes and props from all genres on this blog, I also like to feature memorabilia and interesting promotional material for new movies.

Take for example this fun life-size replica of 'Toothless' the 'Night Fury Dragon' that inhabits the Viking based world of DreamWorks latest animated feature film 'How to train your Dragon'.

'Toothless' dragon replica outside ArcLight Hollywood cinema
How to train your Dragon ArcLight Hollywood display
Toothless Night Fury Dragon
How to train your Dragon ArcLight Hollywood exhibit
Toothless befriends the film's unlikely hero 'Hiccup' when he is shot out of the sky by him after attacking the Viking island village of 'Berk'. Hiccup secretly helps restore the Night Fury dragon's ability to fly (this replica has an uninjured tail) and together they help save both Viking and Dragonkind from a far worse terror.

How to train your Dragon movie billboard
How to train your Dragon movie billboard
The three dimensional model of Toothless was photographed outside ArcLight cinema in Hollywood on April 2, 2010.

How to train your Dragon movie exhibit
Toothless from How to train your DragonHow to train your Dragon Toothless display
Visit Jason in Hollywood for a movie review of How to train your Dragon.

And for more promotional movie replicas check out this life-size Incredible Hulk statue.

Buy the Wii video game of the movie in the USA: How to Train Your Dragon


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