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Original film props from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland...

In addition to displaying Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter costume from the Disney movie Alice in Wonderland, the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood also had a treasure trove of original props and behind-the-scenes secrets on display on April 14, 2010.

Alice in Wonderland movie prop exhibit
Alice in Wonderland movie props
Alice in Wonderland movie props
Alice in Wonderland Red Queen movie props
There was a fantastic array of props used to create Tim Burton's surreal and unique vision of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, including weaponry, furnishings and interesting set pieces.

Alice in Wonderland movie billboard
Alice in Wonderland billboard
Also included in the special exhibit was the Mad Hatter's chair from the crazy tea party and tableware used in the filming of the movie.

The Mad Hatter's chair and tea party film props
from Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter chair prop
Mad Hatter chair movie prop
Alice in Wonderland crockery movie props
Included in the great selection of props were a stunt sword, The Mad Hatter's sword, The Red Queen's sword and daggers, spears, shields and other weaponry.

Alice in Wonderland weaponry props
Red Queen Sword and Daggers movie props
Alice in Wonderland sword propsMad Hatter's sword movie props
Also included was the Vorpal Sword, together with its ornate wooden box, which was used by Alice to slay the 'Jabberwock' by cutting off its head.

Alice's shield and Vorpal Sword props
Alice in Wonderland Vorpal Sword propsAlice in Wonderland weaponry film props
Other items of interest included the collar worn by the 'Bandersnatch' creature and even the infamous bottle marked 'Drink me' and the 'Eat me' cake box to help her grow and shrink during the course of her adventures.

Actual Alice in Wonderland film props
Alice in Wonderland Bandersnatch collar movie propsAlice in Wonderland Drink Me bottle movie props

Alice in Wonderland Red Queen movie poster
Red Queen Alice in Wonderland poster
One of the highlights of the movie was Helena Bonham Carter's quirky and hilarious Red Queen. On display was her Mace and the Sceptre shown in one of the movie's promotional posters, plus hats created for her by the Mad Hatter.

Red Queen props and assorted hats on display
Red Queen Sceptre Alice movie prop
Red Queen hat props from Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland movie poster
Alice in Wonderland poster
The El Capitan exhibit was enlightening because not only did it show you props and costumes featured in the film, but also gave a few insights into how the various creatures and special computer generated effects were created in the movie.

There was a miniature stand-in doll for filming Mia Wasikoska's 'Alice' when she shrank down in size (pictured beside The White Queen's ornate telescope) and also green screen props like swords and the frog footman used for positional guides.

Behind-the-scenes secrets from Alice in Wonderland
White Queen Telescope Alice movie propAlice in Wonderland stand-in filming prop
Green screen frog footman Alice filming prop
Chroma Keying or 'green screen' is a technique for mixing two images or frames together in which a colour (green) from one image is removed, revealing another image behind it. The colour green is used as it is considered least like human skin tone.
Alice in Wonderland green screen filming props
Alice in Wonderland Frog footman filming prop
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