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Paul Newman, Al Jolson and James Dean Warner Bros. Studios movie costumes...

In addition to the wonderful original costumes from Casablanca, ArcLight Sherman Oaks in Los Angeles also had another costume display to celebrate the History of Warner Bros. Studios.

This second exhibit of actual costumes worn by some of Hollywood's greatest actors featured outfits from Cool Hand Luke, East of Eden and Warner Bros. movies starring Al Jolson.

Original outfits worn by Paul Newman, Al Jolson and James Dean
in Warner Bros. movies
Actual Warner Bros movie costumes
The costume pictured on the left was the outfit worn by Paul Newman as 'Luke' in Stuart Rosenberg's 1967 movie about a man who refuses to conform to rural prison life, Cool Hand Luke.

Cool Hand Luke movie poster
Cool Hand Luke movie poster

Paul Newman as 'Luke' in Cool Hand Luke
Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke
Paul Newman's prison uniform was designed by Howard Shoup, who was nominated for five Oscars for Best Costume Design during his career (from 1960 to 1966).

Original costume worn by Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke
Paul Newman and Al Jolson movie costumesOriginal Warner Bros movie costumes
Paul Newman was nominated for an Academy Award in 1968 for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his portrayal of 'Luke'. Unfortunately he didn't win, but his co-star George Kennedy, as 'Dragline', won for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

East of Eden movie poster
East of Eden film poster
Next u is the costume on the far right of the exhibit, which was worn by James Dean as 'Cal Trask' in 1955's East of Eden.

Anna Hill Johnstone was responsible for costume design on the movie and received two Oscar nominations in her career, one for 1972's The Godfather and the other for 1981's Ragtime.

Actual costume worn by James Dean in East of Eden
James Dean East of Eden film costumeAl Jolson and James Dean movie costumes
James Dean was nominated but didn't win an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for East of Eden. However his co-star Jo Van Fleet, did win the Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role as 'Kate'.

Original costumes from Warner Bros. movies
Paul Newman and James Dean movie costumes
Finally in the middle of the display was an outfit prepared for Al Jolson circa 1929 and a pair of shoes he wore in films whilst at Warner Bros.

Shoes worn by Al Jolson in Warner Bros. movies
Al Jolson shoes
On the bottom of the shoe you can see Al Jolson's name pressed into the sole. Al Jolson is famous for starring in The Jazz Singer (1927), The Singing Fool (1928) and Mammy (1930), to name just a few movies around the time the costume was made for him.

Enjoy this short video clip of the costumes on display that was taken along with the photographs on February 2, 2010.

The Jazz Singer, Casablanca, Cool Hand Luke and East of Eden are all being screened as part of ArcLight Sherman Oaks History of Warner Bros. celebrations.

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