Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Blues Brothers Bluesmobile...

This movie car on display at Universal Studios Hollywood is one of apparently thirteen different cars used for the 'Bluesmobile' in director John Landis' 1980 musical comedy The Blues Brothers.

The Blues Brothers 'Bluesmobile'
The Blues Brothers movie 1974 Dodge Bluesmobile
This 1974 Dodge Monaco sedan was one of several former police vehicles purchased from the California Highway Patrol and designed to resemble ex-Mount Prospect Illinois patrol cars.

The Blues Brothers movie poster
The Blues Brothers movie poster
In the cult favourite film featuring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, the seemingly magic 'Bluesmobile' was used in chase scenes and stunts, jumping over drawbridges, flipping backwards and even 'flying'.

The Blues Brothers 1974 Dodge 'Bluesmobile'
The Blues Brothers 1974 Dodge Bluesmobile
This car was photographed on February 11, 2010 in front of The Blues Brothers Seasonal Show attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood, where you can here live Rhythm and Blues music performed.


  1. Jason, unfortunately this is NOT one of the original cars from the movie. In fact, it isn't even a Dodge Monaco! All the cars from the movie were wrecked except for one which supposedly is still owned by a retired police chief.

    /Mr & Mrs Blues

  2. Thanks for the info.

    That's strange though, as this car was on display at Universal Studios Hollywood, so I don't know why the studio would claim it's not an original car from one of their movies?

  3. Yes, we do agree with you that it's a bit odd that Universal isn't more "true" to the original. If you carefully compare the grille for instance (and several other design details) you can see the difference clearly. Also, on the "information sign" at Universal it actually says "1974 Dodge Bluesmobile AS seen in the Universal film, The Blues Brothers", hence they're actually not stipulating it is neither a Dodge MONACO (which it should be) or the actual movie car - (clevere marketing people at Universal :-) )

    Anyways, nice blog you got!

    Mr & Mrs Blues of Sweden

  4. How strange that it's a replica because they do have original costumes, props and models on display at the Universal Studios all the time. They also have the cars from the Fast & Furious films on display and others on the Studio Tour.

    Thanks again for the info.


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