Friday, March 2, 2018

W'Kabi, Zuri and M'Baku costumes from Black panther on display...

Black Panther's first solo movie introduced us to the technology advanced and isolated African nation of Wakanda and its many tribes and characters, including Daniel Kaluuya's 'W'Kabi', Forest Whitaker's 'Zuri' and Winston Duke's 'M'Baku'.

W'Kabi costume worn by Daniel Kaluuya
in Black Panther
Daniel Kaluuya Black Panther WKabi film costume
WKabi blanket cloak Black Panther
Black Panther WKabi costume detail
Black Panther movie costume exhibit
In the film the Oscar-nominated Get Out actor plays 'T'Challa's' childhood friend and confidant 'W'Kabi' of the border tribe, who go from framers to warriors and are the first line of defense for Wakanda. His parents were killed by 'Ulysses Klaue' when he was a child and he is also the love of 'Okoye', general of the Dora Milaje, and a capable rhino rider.

This tribe wears blanket cloaks, inspired by the traditional garb of the African Basotha people, although theirs are laced with vibranium-based technology which generates a defensive shield.

Black Panther movie poster
Black Panther WKabi poster
These fantastic costumes were photographed on display at Hollywood's El Capitan Theatre on February 24, 2018.

Ruth Carter was Costume Designer on Ryan Coogler's hit Marvel Studios movie and you can also see more of her work in these Selma movie costumes and these Roots TV remake costumes.

Costume worn by Forest Whitaker as Zuri
in Black Panther
Forest Whitaker Black Panther Zuri Warrior Falls costume
Black Panther Zuri movie costume
Black Panther Zuri costume detail
Zuri coronation costume Black Panther
Zuri Black Panther film costume
In the film 'Zuri' is a spiritual and religious elder in Wakanda and guardian of the heart-shaped herb that bestows amazing powers on the crowned Black Panther, and he wears this tribal-influenced look for the coronation ceremony at Warrior Falls.

Black Panther movie poster
Black Panther Zuri poster
M'Baku is leader of the Jabari mountain tribe in Wakanda who worship the gorilla gods and is a challenger to the throne and an unlikely ally of King T'Challa.

M'Baku costume worn by Winston Duke
in Black Panther
Winston Duke Black Panther MBaku movie costume
Black Panther MBaku film costume
MBaku Black Panther movie costume
You can also take another look at M'Baku's movie costume, also known as the 'Man-Ape' in the comic books, on display at Disney's D23 Expo last July.

Black Panther movie poster
Black Panther MBaku poster
Go further behind-the-scenes with this book: Marvel's Black Panther: The Art of the Movie

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