Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Mad Max: Fury Road film costumes on display...

I've seen these Oscar-winning costume designs from Mad Max: Fury Road on display at previous exhibits, but when they are as good as these futuristic desert wasteland outfits designed by Jenny Beavan, it's always worth having another look. In the fourth action-packed installment in George Miller's dystopian future film franchise, Tom Hardy played 'Max Rockatansky' and Charlize Theron stole the spotlight as the one-armed 'Imperator Furiosa'.

Oscar-winning Mad Max: Fury Road costumes
Mad Max Fury Road movie costumes
Mad Max Fury Road film costumes
Mad Max Imperator Furiosa costume
Mad Max Furiosa costume
Mad Max Imperator Furiosa mechanical arm
Mad Max Fury Road Furiosa mechanical arm
Mad Max Furiosa mechanical hand
Mad Max: Fury Road Furiosa costume boots
Fury Road Max leg brace boots
Mad Max Fury Road costumes
This duo of costumes from the post-apocalyptic movie were photographed on display welcoming visitors to Downtown L.A.'s FIDM Museum on February 8, 2017.

If you loved the sci-fi movie, you can also enjoy all these other costumes from Mad Max: Fury Road on display.

Plus fans of Tom Hardy can check out his Bane costume from The Dark Knight Rises and Charlize Theron fans can take a closer look at her Queen Ravenna costumes from The Huntsman: Winter's War.

Mad Max: Fury Road movie billboard
Mad Max Fury Road billboard
Go further behind-the-scenes with this book: The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road

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