Monday, March 3, 2014

Magda Apanowicz Mother robe costume from Caprica...

Caprica was Syfy's prequel to the successful reboot of Battlestar Galactica which sadly only lasted one season from 2009 to 2010. The show was set fifty years before the events of space-based parent series on one of the destroyed twelve Colonies and chronicled the histories of two families, the 'Graystones' and the 'Adamas', and the birth of the robotic Cylons that went on to slaughter their civilization decades later.

Original costume worn by Madga Apanowicz as Lacy Rand in Caprica
Madga Apanowicz Lacy Rand Holy Mother costume Caprica
Lacy Rand Holy Mother Caprica costume
Lacy Rand Holy Mother Caprica costume
Lacy Rand Holy Mother Caprica costume detail
Lacy Rand Holy Mother Caprica costume
Lacy Rand Mother Caprica TV costume
Lacy Rand Mother Caprica costume
The series was a tad bleak and slow to start, but had intriguing science fiction concepts like virtual cyber worlds, plus explored different religions and power politics. This cool emerald green and gold robe costume (missing the headpiece) was worn by Madga Apanowicz as 'Lacy Rand', who with the help of the first generation Cylons usurped the position of the holy 'Mother' of the monotheist church by season's end.

Glenne Campbell was Series Costume Designer on Caprica and this outfit was photographed on display at Universal Studios Hollywood on January 23, 2014. I especially like the detail on the sleeve cuffs.

As well as this spin-off series, Glenne Campbell was also responsible for Costume Design on the Battlestar Galactica TV reboot, so be sure to check out the cool costumes from that hit series here at Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props too.

Plus if you're a fan of the show, be sure to also take a look at these original props from Caprica.

Caprica season one TV poster
Caprica season 1 TV poster
Buy the series: Caprica: Season 1.0

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