Sunday, May 19, 2013

Roy Scheider's police uniform and concept sketches from Jaws...

As it's been over thirty-five years since the Steven Spielberg's Jaws terrorised the big screen, it was a bit of a thrill to see these concept drawings for the Great White Shark and especially the original Amity Police Chief uniform worn by Roy Scheider on display at Universal Studios Hollywood on May 7, 2013.

Original costume and concept drawings from Jaws
Jaws movie costume concept sketches
Jaws shark concept drawing
Jaws movie exhibit NBC Universal Experience
Robert Ellsworth was responsible for the men's wardrobe on this classic movie from 1975 and seeing this costume was really like seeing a little piece of movie history.
Jaws movie poster
Jaws movie poster
I've seen these shark sketches and schematics as part of the NBC Universal exhibit before, but it's nice to see them with an accompanying costume from the movie too.

Original uniform worn by Roy Scheider 
as Police Chief Martin Brody in Jaws
Roy Scheider Police Chief Brody Jaws costume
Roy Scheider Amity Police uniform Jaws
Roy Scheider Jaws movie costume
Roy Scheider Jaws film costume
If you're a fan of director Steven Spielberg, be sure to also check out these movie costumes from Lincoln and War Horse, plus props from E.T. on display.

Great White Shark concept drawings from Jaws
Great White Shark schematic Jaws
Shark concept drawing Jaws
Shark concept drawing Jaws
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  1. I thought the diamond on the police arm patch was yellow in the film?

  2. Interesting, I think you may be right. Maybe this patch was added to make the outfit look more authentic for display, or maybe it was a test version for the movie. Thanks for pointing out!

  3. I have seen screenshots with both colors.


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