Thursday, May 2, 2013

Iron Man Mark VII suit featured in The Avengers on display...

In Marvel's The Avengers 'Tony Stark' starts the film in his Mark VI armour from Iron Man 2, but when he is thrown from Stark Tower by 'Loki' he summons his new Mark VII suit to save himself and battle the invading Chitauri aliens.

Iron Man Mark VII suit on display
Iron Man Mark VII Avengers movie armor
Iron Man Mark VII suit
Iron Man 3 Hall of Armors exhibit
Iron Man Mark VII suit
This seventh iteration of the armoured Avenger's suit was photographed on display at Disney's Tomorrowland Innoventions attraction which is temporarily housing a mini Stark Expo exhibit to help promote the release of Iron Man 3.
Marvel's The Avengers movie billboard
Avengers movie billboard
This Mark VII suit which featured in The Avengers was snapped on April 17, 2103, alongside Iron Man's Mark I-VI armours and his new Mark 42 suit from Iron Man 3.
Iron Man Avengers movie armour
Avengers Iron Man Mark VII suit
Iron Man Mark7 suit
Iron Man Mark VII helmet
Iron Man Avengers Mark VII armour
Iron Man Avengers Mark VII suit
If you're as much of a fan as I am of the founding red and gold Avenger, be sure to check out all his suits here at Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props, plus lots of other great costumes and props from the superhero movie genre.

Marvel's The Avengers movie poster
Avengers Iron Man poster

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